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Trespassing charges filed against 7 Sendai Ikuei baseball players

by on Jun.18, 2011 @ 10:56 pm, under High School

The media learned today that trespassing charges were filed against seven Sendai Ikuei High School baseball players (second and third years).  According to the reports, at around 8pm on 4/7, seven students were caught trespassing in an empty second-hand shop in Tagajo, Miyagi.

The Japan High School Baseball Federation is reserving all judgement until it receives the full report from Sendai Ikuei.

UPDATE 6/22 @ 8:27pm: Sendai Ikuei was given a stern warning by the Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF).  Sendai Ikuei will also be allowed to compete in the Miyagi regional tournament for the Summer Koshien.

The Miyagi High School Baseball Federation was also given a stern warning for not reporting the incident immediately.

According to the JHBF, three 3rd year students and four 2nd year students were responsible for trespassing.  Further, in three similar cases in the past, the JHBF issued warnings when 3-4 students were involved and a stern warning when 5 or more students were involved.