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PL News and Notes: Kensuke Tanaka (HAM) taken off active roster with ankle injury

by on Jun.20, 2011 @ 11:33 am, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

Seiichi Uchikawa hit a homer against his former team yesterday and became the 21st player in NPB history to record a homer against all teams in the NPB.  That he did it with his 85th homer of his career means he also achieved the milestone with the fewest number of home run hit.

There was also a little Uchikawa booing at Yokohama Stadium (very little).


Alex Cabrera did not take part in pre-game practices yesterday, although he was at the stadium (he showed up with a limp).

Chiba Lotte Marines

108 of the 119 pitches Yuki Karakawa threw yesterday were either fastballs or sliders.

Nippon Ham Fighters

Kensuke Tanaka was taken off the active roster yesterday with an injured (sprained?) left ankle (he wasn't able to walk without assistance yesterday).


Yuki Saito threw 39 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.

Orix Buffaloes

After yesterday's walk-off loss to the Chunichi Dragons, Akinobu Okada griped about why Mamoru Kishida turned to his slider when he has a good fastball.

Rakuten Eagles

A frustrated Senichi Hoshino told reporters yesterday he thought that making mistakes might be a part of the team's DNA (the Eagles committed two errors yesterday for a total 29 on the year: an E5 - botched infield pop-up involving Daisuke Kusano and Kazuo Matsui in the 3rd; and an E2 - throwing error by Motohiro Shima in the 4th).

10 comments on “PL News and Notes: Kensuke Tanaka (HAM) taken off active roster with ankle injury

  1. Blacklabel

    Actually the booing of Uchikawa was (a) quite loud and (b) a really stupid idea because all it did was fire up his team to beat the Baystars a$$ for him.

    1. Gen Post author

      I obviously wasn’t at the game, so I’m not in the position to argue. The booing in the Youtube clip didn’t sound all that loud (at least in comparison to some of the booing you get in the States), but then we’re talking recorded sound from a tiny little mic.

      I take it you weren’t involved in any of the booing. ;)

  2. Blacklabel

    No, I thought the booing was pretty classless. They should have appreciated the effort that Uchikawa made all those years despite how the team treated him.

    Those fans need to be booing their own team “leadership” for even suggesting that they do such a thing. Those guys are trying to make Uchikawa the bad guy so that no one will focus on THEM and how incompetent they were to let him go.

    EJH: yeah exactly. But if you fire them up, you have NO chance to steal one like they did on Saturday :-)

    1. EJH

      I agree with your point about booing the wrong person. It is like criticizing a guy for escaping from Guantanimo. What was Uchikawa supposed to do? Just stay there and waste his career rotting in Yokohama.

      I once was a BayStars fan, but after they decided to spend an entire season batting Saeki 4th and after they signed Nishi and then Kudo it was just too much. I finally decided that if management did not respect the fans and would not even try to present a competitive team I would no longer support this horrible team.

      I recommend that all Yokohama fans, instead of booing sensible and talented players like Uchikawa, take it out on management and stop supporting the team. They are taking you for granted.

    2. Gen Post author

      Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting that you were part of the group booing. I think I may have selected the wrong smiley. I was just being a little tongue-in-cheek with that last sentence.

      I tend to think booing players that move on to other teams as being a little silly. I can sometimes understand the reasons, but baseball is a business. It’s a job for these guys.

      I mean, I don’t think people, in general, would want to be booed because they decided it would be best for them to move on to another job that treated them better, was closer to where they lived, was more financially sound, or had better chance for success.

      Imagine going to work everyday and being booed along the way just because you decided to quit working for Apple in order to take a job with Sony.

      Sports personalities are obviously held to a different standard because they’re getting paid a lot more and because they’re also in the business of selling dreams (or at least providing them). Fans also get attached. Still, I think it’s being unrealistic to expect players to react in idealistic ways. They are human after all.

      And all this goes without saying that there’s plenty of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that we aren’t exposed to.

  3. EJH

    “A frustrated Senichi Hoshino told reporters yesterday he thought that making mistakes might be a part of the team’s DNA…”

    I would like to tell reporters that I think being a sour old fart and an overrated manager that is unable to look in the mirror and see a single fault might be a part of Mr. Hoshino’s DNA.

  4. Blacklabel


    I got what you meant with the smiley :-)

    I just wish for the best for Uchikawa while at the same time hoping the BayStars will get some ownership that actually knows how to run a team and a manager who doesnt manage step by step from a book he read somewhere.

  5. Blacklabel


    But hey they are making progress! instead of signing washed up ex-Giants they have moved on to signing anyone from the Pacific League with a pulse. Like 1/3rd of their roster is from there now, none of whom would still be starting for their former team if still there? (Except Sledge, he is actually GOOD)

    1. EJH

      I guess I would prefer washed up Pacific Leaguers, too. Even if the suck, at least they aren’t nasty Giants.

      As for Sledge, is there any chance Yokohama might be willing to trade him back to Ham in exchange for Nioka?

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