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Sanspo: What do players eat while at the stadium?

by on Jun.23, 2011 @ 4:00 am, under NPB

Sanspo answers a reader's question: what do players eat while they're at the stadium.

Their answer:

Yakult Swallows
Yakult operates a smaller company called Yakult Management Service (YMS).  A nutritionist from employed by YMS prepares food for the players.  Easy to digest foods, like noodles and rices bowls, make up most of the main dishes available before the game.  Eating is recommended at least 3 hours before game time.  After game includes dishes full in protein to help repair muscles.

Nippon Ham Fighters
A restaurant chain operated by Ginza Lion prepares food for the team.  Schau Essen Weiners are readily available to the players (a Nippon Ham food product).  Fresh, in-season vegetables grown in Hokkaido are also prepared.  Atsunori Inaba apparently likes to eat curry when he needs extra power and turns to eat noodles on days he plays the field.

Chiba Lotte Marines
Ichi-gun coach Shusuke Yoshidome (?) takes down orders from players and has them ready in the player salon.  A wide variety of dishes are available: meat, fish, vegetables.  Pasta is also available for foreign players.  There's also a supply of kim chee is for Tae-Kyun Kim.

Yokohama Bay Stars
The Bay Stars rely on the press cafeteria located in Yokohama Stadium to prepare their food -- there is a separate room right next to the cafeteria where players eat.  The menu (buffet style) is put together by a nutritionist hired by the club.  Players can also choose to order items off the press menu as well.  A sunny side up egg on top of fried rice is a popular dish amongst players (most players apparently order it with three sunny side up eggs).

Yomiuri Giants
Food available in the player's salon is prepared in the kitchens located under Tokyo Dome.  Items on the menu include udon noodles, sandwiches, rices balls, and fruits.  During the hot summer months, cold noodles (somen) and ramen noodles are also available.

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