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Tenri High School withdraws from Nara Regional Tournament

by on Jun.23, 2011 @ 11:14 am, under High School

Tenri High School has decided to withdraw from the Nara Regional Tournament due to violence within the club.

According to the high school, four third year students beat and injured three second year students after practice on 6/1.  One second year student suffered a fracture in a facial bone and was hospitalized for 10 days.  The other two students weren't beaten quite as badly.

When the president of the team asked students what had happened the following morning, they said they were hit by baseballs.  But on the 17th, an outside source informed the school that the students were beaten.

Tenri principal Shigehiko Iburi told reporters the school had to take responsibility and that he was very sorry for what had happened.  He then added that the school was withdrawing from the Nara Tournament (scheduled to begin on 7/9).

UPDATE 6/25 @ 1:02am - Tenri manager Yoshio Morikawa and team director Takuya Onishi are thinking about resigning.

As for why the third year students beat up the second years students: the second year students were apparently happy that practices had to be scaled back on 6/1 because of rain and the third year students were frustrated with that attitude.

2 comments on “Tenri High School withdraws from Nara Regional Tournament

  1. Joe

    This is sad to see. I lived in tenri for a year while attending tenri university. The entire city was so proud of their high school baseball team.

  2. GoroShigeno

    Well shoot. If I make it to Koshien this year, my team won’t be there. What the %&$* were they thinking??

    Oh well, not like their recent performances at Koshien have been memorable anyways despite their talent.

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