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CL News and Notes: Wei-Ying Chen (CHU) thinks Kenta Kurihara (HIR) leaned into his pitches

by on Jun.27, 2011 @ 2:13 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Wei-Ying Chen hit Kenta Kurihara (HIR) twice in yesterday's game against the Hiroshima Carp and according to Daily Sports, Chen thinks that Kurihara leaned into the pitches both times.

"Is that the kind of thing a clean-up batter does?," said Chen.  "He just stuck his elbow out.  I have confidence in my fastball.  And that's an area I can throw in.  If it doesn't hurt him because he's wearing protection, then I'll make sure I throw something hard enough to break the elbow.  If batters do that kind of thing, pitchers will never be able to throw [inside]."

Nikkan Sports is carrying a slightly different quote:

He was the one that leaned into the pitch.  And he's wearing protection.  If a clean-up hitter does that he can't be surprised if he breaks his elbow. ... If that's how it is, then pitchers can't pitch inside.  But it doesn't apply to me.  I have confidence in my fastball so I guess I'll just have to keep hitting batters. ... I want to be aggressive out there so I'll keep pitching like this.

Hanshin Tigers

Takashi Toritani extended his hitting streak to 6 games yesterday (10-for-23).


Atsushi Nomi lost his start against the Yomiuri Giants yesterday.  It was his first against the Giants since 4/11/2009.


Sankei Sports baseball analyst Yasushi Tao wonders why Kentaro Sekimoto was left out of the starting line-up yesterday:

Why wasn't Sekimoto there?  I wondered that the minute I saw the starting line-ups.  It's a different story if there was a problem or something ... Sekimoto is someone you want in the line-up.  He's strong in the clutch, hits both left-handed and right-handed pitchers, he's a pesky hitter.  If you consider the situation, he's the one batter you don't leave out.  I'd like to know what [Akinobu Mayumi] is thinking. ... They had good momentum and [Mayumi] pushed that away.  That's how I see it anyway.  It's true that Shibata had 2 hits [in the game], but that doesn't make it right.  And it makes sense to leave out players that are struggling, but Sekimoto should be in the middle of that line-up right now.


Kenji Jojima spent about 4 hours working out at Naruohama yesterday.  Team trainer Yasunori Gonda told reporters he still wasn't allowed to do any throwing or hitting.  And while Jojima originally had the day off today, there was a chance in the schedule because he'll be heading to the hospital twice this week for treatment.

Yomiuri Giants

Hirokazu Sawamura apparently had a 500 gram steak for dinner on the 23rd and curry with hamburger (just the patty) and fried shrimp on the 24th.

Sawamura also told reporters after his victory yesterday that he felt he was finally beginning to see what it meant to be a pro pitcher.

"I'm slowly beginning to see what's around me," said Sawamura.  "Where to challenge the situation, where to back down.  There are still areas I need to work on.  And just as [Shinnosuke] Abe tells me, I need to learn more about the hitters so I can pitch to them accordingly."

Sawamura currently leads the league in strikeouts with 73.

Yakult Swallows

Wladimir Balentien is struggling: he's hitless in his last 26 trips to the plate, but he's still getting on base with 9 walks.  He has also hit into 3 double plays.

Hiroshima Carp

Yesterday, Kenjiro Nomura became the first manager, in either league, to be tossed from a game this season.  Nomura didn't agree with an out call at first base in the 6th inning and ran over to the ump and shoved him around.

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  1. Eric Lord

    I’ve always thought Kurihara was bush league. I remember the Tigers’ home opener a couple years ago, when he hit a home run to put Hiroshima up 7-0 or so and danced around the bases like they’d just won the pennant. Maeda Kenta almost took his head off in his next at-bat, settled for breaking his helmet, and the Tigers came back to win 8-7 on a Kanemoto walkoff single. I don’t advocate throwing at guys’ heads, obviously, but you’re setting yourself up to get drilled if you show up a pitcher like he did. Haven’t liked him since.

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