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2011 All-Star Game: teams can carry one additional foreign player

by on Jul.01, 2011 @ 5:34 pm, under NPB

The steering committee for the All-Star Game announced today that they were going to allow each team to carry one additional foreign player (from 4 to 5) on their roster this year because each team was carrying 3 extra players (from 29 to 32).

Teams will only be allowed to use 4 foreign players at one time (one pitcher and up to three position players).


The NPB also announced today that they'll be hosting an event called Baseball Park In Sendai at Sendai Athletic Stadium (located right next to Kleenex Stadium) on 7/24.  Fans will be able to take baseball lessons from people Kimiyasu Kudo and Kazuhiro Sasaki.  There will also be areas to play catch and take BP.  The event will begin at 9am, free admission.