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Baseball Ferderation of Japan announces two upcoming international tournaments

by on Jul.02, 2011 @ 7:36 pm, under Other

The Baseball Ferderation of Japan (BFJ) held a press conference to announce the following two international tournaments yesterday:

1st IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship - Taipei
July 8 - July 17, 2011

Venue: Tien-Mou Stadium, Youth Park Baseball Stadium, Shing-Sheng Park Baseball Stadium (Taipei)

Organizers: IBAF

Participating Countries (14): Japan, Cuba, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Italy, Lithuania, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Ecuador, Taiwan.

Roster and additional info (in Japanese), official IBAF page

12th IBAF 16U Baseball World Championship - Mexico
August 19 - August 28, 2011

Venue: Lagos de Moreno stadium (Mexico)

Organizers: IBAF

Participating Countries (12):

Group A: Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Indonesia, Netherlands

Group B: Mexico, America, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Philippines

Roster and additional info (in Japanese), official IBAF page


2 comments on “Baseball Ferderation of Japan announces two upcoming international tournaments

  1. fighting ham

    The BFJ has two members, Japan Amateur Baseball Association (全日本アマチュア野球連盟) and Japan Student Baseball Association (日本学生野球協会). JSBA has two members, Japan University Baseball Federation (全日本大学野球連盟) and Japan High School Baseball Federation (日本高等学校野球連盟).

    So, how come the BFJ has any say in the selection of Jr. high (and below) students?

    Here’s a list of amateur baseball organizations in Japan.

    1. Gen Post author

      I was always under the impression that the BFJ simply handled all international tournaments that required national teams.

      At least that’s what it says in their charter:


      第4条 本連盟は、国際的に日本のアマチュア野球を代表する団体として、野球競技の国際的発展を推進し、野球競技を通じて国際友好親善に貢献するとともに、日本を代表する選手等の育成強化を図り、もって世界のアマチュア野球の振興に寄与することを目的とする。

      The other groups you mention, JABA, JSBA, JUBF, and the JHBF, I think they’re all considered domestic only groups.

      Also, like you say, the JABA and JSBA are a part of the BFJ, which means they probably all worked together in selecting the teams. Unless of course you read something that said otherwise.

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