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Yokohama Bay Stars: Brent Leach could arrive in Japan sometime next week

by on Jul.02, 2011 @ 7:16 pm, under NPB

Sponichi is reporting that Brent Leach could arrive in Japan sometime next week.  He'll come alone as his wife is pregnant.

The Bay Stars are hopeful Leach will be ready to join the starting rotation sometime in August.

And according to a separate Sponichi report, it seems the Bay Stars did a number of things to persuade Leach to return to Japan, like send him a DVD on Yokohama Stadium and have Brett Harper's wife and Terrmel Sledge's wife talk to him over the phone (to tell him and his family that Japan is safe).

2 comments on “Yokohama Bay Stars: Brent Leach could arrive in Japan sometime next week

  1. westbaystars

    Wasn’t he supposed to take over as closer so that Yamaguchi could enter the rotation? It’s odd that Sponichi would think that Leach will be entering the rotation in August. Or do they perhaps mean bullpen?

    1. Gen Post author

      Just a guess, but it might be because they’re worried about trying to convert him back to a starter mid-season. At the very least, it would probably mean losing Yamaguchi for a brief amount of time as the Bay Stars can’t just stick him in the starting rotation without giving him a few games to stretch his arm out.

      And that might mean it makes more sense to just let Yamaguchi worry about the starting rotation next year.

      Also, I remember a lot of reports talking about Leach being a starter, not a reliever. I think I even remember reading an article about Obana going with a 5-man rotation of Miura, Shimizu, Oka, Yamamoto, and Leach back in February.

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