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Eri Yoshida agrees to a deal with the Na Koa Ikaika Maui

by on Jul.04, 2011 @ 9:00 pm, under Other

Eri Yoshida has signed a contract with the Na Koa Ikaika Maui (North American League).

From the the Maui News:

The 5-foot-1, 19-year-old knuckleballer from Japan will rejoin manager Garry Templeton, coach Garry Templeton II and outfielders Mitch Einertson and J.J. Sherrill on Maui's roster. Last season, all of them were with the Chico Outlaws.

Elder said Yoshida, nicknamed the "Knuckle Princess," is to start twice during a 14-day homestand that begins Monday - on July 9 against the Calgary Vipers and on July 16 against the Yuma Scorpions.

"Garry is familiar with her," Elder said. "She's ready to go, we have acquired her rights from Chico, she has agreed to a contract and we are excited to have her. She's legit with that submarine knuckleball that she has."

And from Robert Collias of the Maui News:

Is this a publicity stunt, a move to get fannies in the seats at Maehara Stadium? Perhaps, but that is what happens in minor league baseball, especially of the independent variety. For a team averaging 407 fans through 17 home dates and with summer in full bloom, the time is now to get fans in the stands. Ownership for the first two seasons of this incarnation of pro ball on Maui — each different groups — have told me the break-even number is an average of 1,000 fans per game.

She also had another start with Samurai All Japan since my last update on 6/25.

June 27 vs FBA Sharks - Yoshida started the game and gave up 5 earned runs over 5 innings.  She also walked 6 and struck out 3.

7 comments on “Eri Yoshida agrees to a deal with the Na Koa Ikaika Maui

  1. BBMedia

    Seriously? She’s been getting hammered in a COLLEGIATE summer league. I hate to see this kind of thing. It demeans the efforts of legitimate women players struggling to play at the higher/highest levels. I’d highly recommend she take a step back, re-assess if she wants to be a legitimate player and not a sideshow act, and work on her game.

    1. Gen Post author

      I don’t get it either. But it’s interesting that Templeton will be around again. Wonder if he had a say.

  2. BBMedia

    The rumor is that the first signing was forced on him, and he wasn’t particularly happy about it. I’m assuming the second signing was more of the same, with Maui’s attendance so low. It will be interesting to see if Yoshida has the same draw the second time around or if the novelty has worn off.

    1. Gen Post author

      I’m guessing Yoshida will draw a fairly large Japanese population (plus Japanese tourists). At least early on.

    2. BBMedia

      That sounds logical. Money often rules Independent baseball more than wins, losses or a pitcher’s ERA.

    3. BBMedia

      Eri does not appear on the Maui roster or in the transactions. I’m assuming her joining the team has been pushed back, perhaps until after Jose Canseco leaves town? Or perhaps the deal was not concluded?

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