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Mori High School team involved in bus accident, manager dead

by on Jul.10, 2011 @ 12:01 am, under High School

At around 1:55pm on Saturday (7/9), a bus carrying 26 members (3 adults, 23 students) of the Mori High School baseball team crashed into a truck while returning to the school from opening ceremonies earlier in the day.  44-year-old Yoshinobu Shigemitsu (manger), who was sitting in the assistant driver's seat, suffered major head trauma and died from his injuries.  The assistant director is in serious condition, also due to head trauma.  22 students suffered minor injuries like sprains.

Oita police arrested 49-year-old Hisato Eto (driver of the bus) on charges of accidental infliction of injuries while driving.  The police are also looking into upgrading the charges to involuntary manslaughter while driving.

It isn't certain what Mori High School plans to do about the tournament, but their first game is currently scheduled for the 12th (first round).

UPDATE 7/11 @ 12:34am - Mori High School will be competing in the tournament.  But instead of playing on the 12th, they'll be playing on the 13th (last game of the 1st round).

According to the school, around 60 people (players, guardians, staff) gathered for a meeting on Sunday and talked about what the team should do.  In the end, they all felt their manager would have wanted them to play.  Shigemitsu's family was also thankful/grateful of the decision and reason to play.

UPDATE 7/11 @ 12:56pm - 7 people were hospitalized and as of Sunday, only 3 were released.  A team of 11 clinical psychologist were also sent to the school from the prefecture to help the students deal with the death and accident.