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JPBPA to meet today in order to discuss FA requirements, 2013 WBC

by on Jul.22, 2011 @ 7:42 am, under NPB, WBC

Takahiro Arai will be holding an special player's association meeting today in Nagoya in order to discuss the length players need to spend on the active roster before they earn their options (both domestic and international).

Under current rules, players are required to spend a total 7 seasons on the active roster for their domestic FA option (for players drafted after 2007; 8 seasons for all other players) and a total 9 seasons for their international FA option.  The player's association would like to see a flat requirement of 7 years for both domestic and international FA options.

Issues concerning the 2013 WBC will also be discussed.

UPDATE @ 10:10pm - The player's association met today and decided that they'll boycott the 2013 WBC if Japan doesn't get a bigger cut of the revenue (specifically, advertising and merchandising rights for the Japanese national team).

Reuters is also carrying a story on the development.  A snip:

TOKYO (Reuters) - Champions Japan may boycott the next World Baseball Classic (WBC) if they are not paid a greater share of the tournament revenue, the players' union said on Friday.


"We are not saying we don't want to take part," union president Takahiro Arai said. "But we will not be able compete under the current conditions, which are unfair."

Jim Small (MLB Managing Director & Vice President, Asia) told reporters he was surprised and disappointed to hear the decision.  He also added that they were prepared to negotiate with the NPB and the JPBPA.

UPDATE 7/23 @ 1:14pm - 2 reps from each team was present at the meeting yesterday.  All 24 players were in agreement to boycott if Japan doesn't get a great share of the revenue.  The meeting last around 2 hours total (there was both a morning session and an afternoon session).

And of the roughly 1.5B yen the 2nd WBC raked in, about 900M yen was made up of money that was paid by Japanese sponsors; and Japanese only received about 200M yen (13%) of that revenue.