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PL News and Notes: Hayato Terahara (ORI) doesn’t plan on staying away from the inside corners

by on Jul.29, 2011 @ 2:08 pm, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

As mentions in a previous post, Sho Iwasaki tossed a shutout last night without registering a strikeout.  The last player in franchise history to toss a shutout without a strikeout was Sanshiro Nishioka on 9/22/1971 (Nankai Hawks).  Iwasaki also recorded the team's 6th shutout this season (Toshiya Sugiuchi x 2, D.J. Houlton x 2, Tsuyoshi Wada x 1, and Iwasaki x 1).  The last time the Hawks had that many shutouts was back in 1992 when they had 10.

Chiba Lotte Marines

Hayden Penn returned to Japan yesterday.  As of now, there's still no timetable for his return to the active roster (he's coming off right elbow surgery).


Jose Castillo is looking forward to seeing his family, currently scheduled to arrive in Japan (from Venezuela) on 8/15.

Orix Buffaloes

Hayato Terahara will be starting tonight's game against the Seibu Lions.  And he doesn't plan on staying away from the inside corners just because he had some problems hitting batters during his last start against the Lions on 7/11 (which also resulted in the umps issuing a warning).

"Just because [of what happened last time around] I'm not going to avoid throwing [inside]," said Terahara.  "[Pitching inside] is evidence of a good batter.  This is a competition."


Kazuki Kondo threw 130 pitches in the bullpen on the 28th, a day after he gave up 5 runs over 2.1 innings of work.

Rakuten Eagles

The Eagles' offense didn't strikeout once last night.  That marked just the third game in franchise history where the offense didn't strikeout.  The other two times: 9/19/2008 vs Chiba (1-1 tie that was called after 5 inning) and 6/13/2009 vs Yokohama (4-0 victory).

5 comments on “PL News and Notes: Hayato Terahara (ORI) doesn’t plan on staying away from the inside corners

  1. Kyle

    A sign of life for the Eagles? Probably not. I have to admit to being very disappointed in this season. I convinced myself that with the return of Iwakuma and Matsui (was skeptical of Iwamura) they would have a chance. Didn’t anticipate Ruiz falling off a cliff. Now I’m becoming wise to the trend of foreign power bats disappearing in their second NPB season. Garcia isn’t the answer either. Its a shame, Castillo was sitting out there, and he’s raking. What’s Tuffy up to these days? Ha.

    1. Gen Post author

      Iwakuma getting hurt was big. Rasner and Nagai going down didn’t make things better. And losing Yamasaki was big, especially since the line-up doesn’t have much pop without him.

      Based on what was available on the market, I think the Eagles did what they could during the off-season. I still don’t really know why they signed BOTH Matsui and Iwamura, but that’s done with and there isn’t much that can be done about that now, short of the team releasing one.

      All things considered, I’m surprised the Eagles don’t have a worse record right now.

  2. Kyle

    You are correct, of course. I sort of saw them as a potential San Francisco Giants type team: dominating pitching with just enough offense. Luis Garcia was still an interesting choice though. Do you think NPB teams are paying more attention to the Mexican Leagues? They are supposedly AAA, but I’ve watched many, many hours of LMB, and it seems like A or AA to me generally.

    1. Kyle

      Also, with Iwakuma’s injury his impending arrival in the MLB is even more interesting. Can’t see him getting a very big deal though. Predictions?

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