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Hanshin Tigers: Kenji Jojima to head to US for second opinion on right elbow, left knee

by on Jul.31, 2011 @ 11:29 pm, under NPB

The Tigers announced that Kenji Jojima will be heading to the US at some point soon to get a second opinion on both his right elbow and his left knee.

Jojima has told reporters that doctors in Japan feel his right elbow pains might have something to do with his balance getting thrown off because of the support pads he's wearing for his left knee.

Worst case scenario, Jojima might need season-ending surgery on his left knee.

UPDATE 8/1 @ 7:04am - Some more on Jojima's current condition...

Sanspo is carrying the following quote from Jojima:

I've been doing knee exercises without pads but the exercise and rehab isn't really doing enough to help the knee.  I'm a catcher, so I have to be able to bend my knees.  There really aren't any precedents of catchers with lateral meniscus surgeries in Japan, so I'd like to go to the US, where there are precedents, and get the opinions of specialists over there. ... I want to be able to move around without the pads.  And it isn't as if I've given up on returning this season.  I just want to hear different opinions and try to figure out which will allow me to get back in the shortest amount of time possible.

Jojima will probably fly to the US sometime next week -- Colorado for the knee and Los Angeles for the elbow.  When asked if he might go under the knife during this visit, Jojima said, "That's is something that's going to affect my career.  I don't think there will be any talk of undergoing surgery right away."

UPDATE 8/1 @ 4:10pm - Nikkan Sports has some more quotes from Jojima:

Since the start of the season, I've used [support] pads over the 2 months of rehab I've done and I can't throw or bend my knees without them.  I've gone to a number of different hospitals and the doctors tell me my elbow and back problems all come from my knees.  But there aren't any catchers in Japan that have had lateral meniscus surgeries.  And I thought it might be important to hear opinions from specialists in the field. ... If my knees don't work, I'm worthless.  If I want to hit, I need to be able to run and knees are the most important thing to a catcher.  In terms of priorities, I think my knee comes first. ... I would like to make it back as soon as possible during the current season.  But I need my knee to be 100%, otherwise I won't be able to perform at even the most basest of levels.  It isn't as if I'm given up on this season.