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CL News and Notes: Wladimir Balentien (YAK) could be benched soon

by on Aug.06, 2011 @ 10:52 am, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Hirokazu Ibata told reporters yesterday that he and his wife decided to name their new son Takumi (巧).

"We spoke to a lot of different people and we considered other Kanji spellings.  It seems the one we picked also has the additional meaning of growing into better people than your parents.  Our family name is Ibata so I thought Takumi might be a little hard.  We'll give him special education," said Ibata.

Regarding his right index finger injury: "I'll start taking fielding practice the beginning of next week and try to to return as soon as possible."

Hanshin Tigers

Minoru Iwata and Atsushi Nomi worked out (running, dashes, BP) at Koshien yesterday.  Nomi's next start will likely come on the 9th against the Chunichi Dragons (Nagoya Dome).  When pitching coach Takashi Yamaguchi was asked if the Tigers would change how they used Hiroyuki Kobayashi, he said, "Kobayashi is the only pitcher [we have to pitch the 8th].  We can't play any other kind of baseball."


Daiki Enokida held his first bullpen session yesterday since he was demoted to Ni-gun; he threw around 20 pitches to a squatting catcher.  Enokida is eligible to return to the active roster on the 9th, but he'll probably pitch in 1-2 Ni-gun games first (some time next week) before he's activated.  Said pitching coach Kiyooki Nakanishi, "He doesn't have any problems pitching but he still needs a little more time to brush up on his pitches.  He probably won't be promoted without pitching in a game down here."


Kenji Jojima worked out for about 4 hours at Naruohama yesterday.  He also told reporters that it was his last scheduled day of rehab before heading to the US.


Shinya Sakai told reporters yesterday that he has plans of heading to the US on the 10th in order to watch some MLB games.

"I'll be in New York for 5 days.  I'll also catch some games in Atlanta.  We'll ask permission.  Maybe about 3 games," said Sakai.

Sakai will likely be accompanied by Toru Miyake (international scout, vice director of team development).


NMB48 members Mayu Ogasawara, Nana Yamada, and Sayaka Yamamoto made appearances at Kyocera Dome last night wearing Hanshin Tigers uniforms (it was for part of a TV program that were taking part in).

Yomiuri Giants

Ryota Wakiya (right pinky) worked out at Giants Stadium yesterday and took soft-toss BP indoors for the first time since his injury.

Yakult Swallows

Junji Ogawa told reporters he'll probably have to make a decision on Wladimir Balentien at some point soon.  Balentien has struggled at the plate after having a great start of the season.

April: 16 G, 15-for-50, 6 HR, 36 TB, 11 SO, 12 BB, .300/.438/.720
May: 20 G, 29-for-73, 7 HR, 56 TB, 17 SO, 7 BB, .397/.450/.767
June: 19 G, 9-for-66, 3 HR, 20 TB, 16 SO, 12 BB, .136/.269/.303
July: 22 G, 18-for-85, 3 HR, 30 TB, 22 SO, 4 BB, .212/.242/.353
August: 4 G, 3-for-14, 0 HR, 3 TB, 7 SO, 1 BB, .214/.313/.214

Hiroshima Carp

Kenjiro Nomura turned down requests for a post-game interview last night for the first time this season.

Yokohama Bay Stars

Shintaro Ejiri was apparently taken off the active roster yesterday because of a cold.