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WBCI to NPB: There will be a WBC even if Japan doesn’t play

by on Aug.10, 2011 @ 11:24 pm, under WBC

The NPB met with the WBCI for the second straight day today.  From initial reports, it appears the WBCI turned down the NPB's request for a larger portion of the revenue.  The JPBPA, NPB, and the 12 teams will now re-group and discuss what they'd like to do next.  Toru Matsubara, JPBPA head of the secretariat, said "We need to make sure we sign the right contract otherwise we might jeopardize our futures."

The WBCI has also asked that the various organizations in Japan decide on whether they'll participate in the 2013 WBC by the end of September.  Jim Small (MLB Managing Director & Vice President, Asia) told reporters that the WBC would take place regardless of what Japan decides.

It seems there's a chance that Toshimasa Shimada (chairman of the NPB's international committee) and a number of other NPB reps may travel to the US some time in September to continue discussions.

UPDATE 8/11 @ 12:56am - As mentioned by fighting ham down below, the JPBPA wasn't happy about the WBCI turning down every request made by Japan and responded by saying that they would not participate in the next tournament based on the current agreement.

UPDATE 8/11 @ 10:09am - The WBCI actually attended two meetings yesterday, one with the JPBPA and one with the NPB.

The meeting between the WBCI and the JPBPA lasted about 2.5 hours.  The WBCI turned down the JPBPA's request to give Japan full rights to sponsorship money they collect.

Some additional comments from Matsubara: "It isn't like we're asking for a higher cut of the ticket or broadcast right sales.  We just think we should be able to use the money that [Japanese sponsors put in to support Japan] to help the NPB. ... We've already decided that if the organizers don't accept our proposal, we won't participate.  We find it strange that they even had to set a deadline for this."

UPDATE 8/11 @ 3:55pm - A Sponichi report is carrying the following quote from Matsubara:

If they contact us and ask for another meeting [before the deadline] we might go to the US, but we won't be contacting them.  We will stand firmly together with the NPB.

UPDATE 8/11 @ 11:05pm - Player rep chairman Takahiro Arai confirmed with reporters today that the players are still standing firm on their request to control sponsorship and merchandising rights for the Japanese team.


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3 comments on “WBCI to NPB: There will be a WBC even if Japan doesn’t play

  1. Jim

    NPB and the players union are taking negotiating positions, expect both sides to reach an agreement that is in their best interests.

    Not playing and getting zero revenue is not in Japan’s best interest. They want the rights to THEIR nations sponsorships… but Japan cannot produce this kind of tournament. This gives the major league side political leverage.

    That side took all the risks and now Japan wants its fair share of the profits the profits from the platform that MLB created. Profits that wouldn’t exist without that profit.

    1. fighting ham

      You are not making much sense in the last paragraph due largely to what I think are typos.

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