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A proposal and a ceremonial first pitch

by on Aug.15, 2011 @ 5:22 pm, under NPB

The Chiba Lotte Marines will be working with I-PRIMO Ginza (a shop that specializes in wedding and engagement rings) to give one man the opportunity to propose to his partner before throwing out the ceremonial first pitch on 9/3 (vs Rakuten at QVC Marine).

According to the schedule posted at the Marines' site:

17:30 - the couple walks onto the field
17:35 - the man will propose to his partner
17:40 - the man will throw the ceremonial first pitch
17:42 - photo opportunity
17:50 - event over


  • couples that can attend the game on 9/3
  • unmarried couples
  • the man is planning on proposing to his girlfriend

Note: The only way to enter is to make an appointment with I-PRIMO.  The winner will be contacted by I-PRIMO some time between 8/29 and 8/30.

UPDATE 8/16 @ 11:02am - The Marines won't take responsibility if the proposal doesn't go well.  The club is also considering a wedding ceremony option if the proposal goes well.