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Hanshin Tigers: The Tomoaki Kanemoto “financial scandal”

by on Aug.17, 2011 @ 5:37 pm, under NPB

A little more on the Tomoaki Kanemoto "scandal":

According to updated reports, Kanemoto and a financial advisor made a combined investment of 200M yen (130M yen by Kanemoto and 70M yen by the advisor) into a private fund they set up together in the spring of 2007.  But in 2008, Kanemoto started telling the financial advisor that he wanted out because he was building a new house.

On January 27, 2009, Kanemoto called the advisor to a hotel in Tokyo.  The two then left after being joined by a third individual.  This individual is said to have helped Kanemoto confine the financial advisor at another location.

During the confinement, Kanemoto allegedly demanded that the advisor write up a note that said the amount Kanemoto put into the fund wasn't an investment, but rather a loan.  The advisor was then forced to cough up about 19M yen on the spot.

According to the police report that was filed, Kanemoto was also said to said things like, "Give me back my money," "I'll kill you and your entire family," and "I'll get the Yamaguchi clan on you."

Kanemoto has denied any wrong doing (he claims the reports are false) and the Hanshin Tigers have thrown their full support behind him after conducting their own investigation.