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Three Kosei Gakuin players were caught drinking and suspended

by on Aug.22, 2011 @ 7:12 pm, under High School

Kosei Gakuin announced today that three members of the baseball team were found to have drank alcoholic beverages in December 2010.  All three players were on the Summer Koshien roster and made appearances in the tournament.

According the the high school, the 3 players drank alcoholic beverages on separate occasions upon returning their respective homes at the end of the year last year.  The school found out about the players drinking early this morning when they received an anonymous tip that a player posted something at a blog about drinking.

The high school checked the blog for confirmation and approached the player, who confessed that all three of them drank alcoholic beverages.  The Aomori High School Baseball Federation was notified of the event later in the day.

The three students will suspended according to the school rulebook.  When, or for how long, is not yet known.

UPDATE 10:31pm - Punishments could be handed down by the Japan High School Baseball Federation as soon as the 24th (assuming all the proper paperwork gets filed).  There's also a possibility that a large scale investigation might be launched after other questionable posts were found (like of upper class students being violent) on the blog in question.

UPDATE 8/25 @ 1:37am - The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF) received paperwork from Kosei Gakuin on Tuesday but JHBF chief council member Hirotaka Nishioka told the media on Wednesday that they asked the high school, via the Aomori High School Baseball Federation, to resubmit everything because it was incomplete.

Nishioka also told reporters that based on precedents, it was unlikely the school would be stripped of their Summer Koshien runner-up status.

UPDATE 8/25 @ 5:19pm - Kosei Gakuin held a school-wide assembly today to inform students of what has happened.  Team manager Munemoto Nakai and team captain Ryuhei Kawakami offered formal apologies to students.  The three students that were found to be drinking were also officially suspended on the 23rd.  And the high school still isn't sure what to do about the Fall schedule.

Kosei Gakuin plans on re-submitting the necessary paperwork to the JHBF today.

UPDATE 8/26 @ 1:25am - The Aomori High School Baseball Federation's Hachinohe Region decided to cancel two Kosei Gakuin Hachinohe Region league games because the JHBF had yet to hand down a decision.  The move doesn't really hurt Kosei Gakuin since they're already eligible for the Fall Prefectural Tournament because they made the Summer Koshien.

Kosei Gakuin also reported that they re-submitted the paperwork to the JHBF today.