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Japan High School Baseball Federation hands down stern warning to Kosei Gakuin

by on Aug.26, 2011 @ 5:25 pm, under High School

The Japan High School Baseball Federation met today and handed Kosei Gakuin a stern warning for the three students that were found to be drinking.

Kosei Gakuin also will not be competing at the 2011 National Athletic Tournament; Karatsu Shogyo (Saga) will be taking their place.

UPDATE 8/27 @ 2:19am - Kosei Gakuin principal Shinichi Hogan told reporters on Thursday that their investigations could not confirm the acts of violence by upper class students that were mentioned in blog posts.

UPDATE 8/27 @ 4:46pm - During a press conference on Friday, Kosei Gakuin admitted that a number of their players hung out in pachinko parlors and placed bets on bowling games (in addition to the three players that drank alcohol).  Neither the manager (Munemoto Nakai), nor the the director (Kanshi Kosaka), were punished.

Regarding the blog post about an upper class student being violent, it seems the student was simply trying to show off.

Since the high school has been cleared to take part in the Fall Tournament, they will once again begin practicing on the 27th (they had originally canceled practices).


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