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Scouts from 13 clubs were at the Nippon Ham – Lotte game

by on Aug.31, 2011 @ 11:15 pm, under NPB

The Chiba Lotte Marines told the press that scouts from 13 different MLB clubs were at tonight's game at QVC Marine.

UPDATE 9/1 @ 7:58am - The Rangers, Mets, and Red Sox were amongst the 13 teams that sent a total 24 scouts to the game.

UPDATE 9/1 @ 8:15am - During his hero interview, Yu Darvish was asked about pitching on 5 days of rest.  He replied: "It was a easy.  [Pitching on] 4 days of rest, 3 days of rest is ok by me as well."

UPDATE 9/2 @ 2:26am - The Indians and Angels were also at the game.

UPDATE 9/2 @ 2:40am - Both Blue Jays' GM and assistant GM, Alex Anthopoulos and Tony LaCava, respectively, were at the game as well -- they arrived on 8/30 and returned to the US Canada on 9/1.

The SF Giants (Pacific Rim Scout John Cox) and Cleveland Indians (Pacific Rim Scout Dave DeFreitas) were also there.  The two also left the following comments with reporters:

DeFreitas - We've been following him for 4 years and his fastball is a lot better than last year.

Cox - If he can improve his control, he can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with [Tim] Lincecum.


9 comments on “Scouts from 13 clubs were at the Nippon Ham – Lotte game

  1. Mike DeJong

    Hi Guys. A correction. Tony LaCava did not arrive on 3/30. He arrived in Japan a week earlier and saw Darvish pitch against Rakuten at Sapporo Dome on the 25th. I know because I went with him.

  2. M DeJong

    That information is incorrect. As a previous post on this website indicates, LaCava was here a week before to watch Darvish at Sapporo Dome.

    1. Gen Post author

      You must be talking about this post:


      I remembered the post, but I went ahead and just grabbed what was mentioned at the Sponichi article that I linked to. And since you were with them, I’ll obviously take your word. But one question: were both LaCava and Anthopoulos here a week earlier? Or just LaCava? And if just LaCava, then did Anthopoulos arrive on 8/30? I guess that’s just a minor point, but still a little curious because Sponichi did mention those dates.

    1. Gen Post author

      Fixed, my apologies. I just have a bad habit of thinking US automatically when talking about the MLB.

  3. M DeJong

    Hi Gen. Tony arrived a week ahead of Alex. He and I took in the game at Sapporo Dome. Alex was delayed by the manager’s illness back in Toronto. So he flew in to see the Darvish start in Chiba, then left the next day.

    So he was here only 3 days while Tony was here for more than a week.

  4. M DeJong

    Hey Gen. A question for you. Are there any MLB teams that have NO scouts in Japan? For example, are the Rays and Marlins represented here? How about the White Sox and Padres? I don’t see them referred to much.

    1. Gen Post author

      I honestly don’t know the answer to that. But I’m guessing most MLB teams have scouts working the Pacific Rim (IMHO, it’s too big an area to ignore). That means even though some teams might not have scouts working in Japan full-time, they’ve got a couple they can move around as needed.

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