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Yomiuri Giants’ chairman Tsuneo Watanabe: the Yokohama Bay Stars should just move

by on Sep.02, 2011 @ 4:25 pm, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants' chairman Tsuneo Watanabe spoke to reporters yesterday and bluntly said, "I mean no offense to TBS, but the longer they wait, the more they'll lose.  [The] Yokohama [Bay Stars] have a bad deal with the stadium owners.  Nippon Ham was successful.  Softbank and Rakuten too.  [The] Yokohama [Bay Stars] should just move [somewhere else]."

Watanbe also added, "But they need to firmly turn down any strange companies, otherwise that could destroy pro yakyu.  And no foreign teams.  A Japanese person needs to hold 50% or more of the stock.  I'd like to see the team owned by a company with class."

In another report, Watanabe also mentioned places like Niigata and Shizuoka as two potential destinations.  He also said that the Bay Stars might be able to stay in Yokohama if they can swing a deal for a new stadium.

8 comments on “Yomiuri Giants’ chairman Tsuneo Watanabe: the Yokohama Bay Stars should just move

  1. EJH

    Does Watanabe ever open his mouth without saying something offensive? Doesn’t he realize he can stop now; everyone in Japan understands he’s an asshole?

    1. westbaystars

      Watanabe fears real competition. A foreign owner would care about creating a winning team, unlike TBS who grudgingly bought the BayStars after Nabetsune saw to it that the president of Nippon Hoso (under the Sankei Group which owns part of the Swallows) couldn’t buy the team. I believe that Nippon Hoso would have promoted the team, going into the deal seriously. But since Watanabe wouldn’t allow it (or wouldn’t allow Nippon Hoso to not feature the Giants nation wide), he somehow convinced Tokyo Broadcasting to buy the team and keep it all in the media family.

      That’s what I thought of TBS buying the team then, and my opinion has not changed.

  2. JasonP

    I would love to see someone buy the team and run them as their own business for a change. It would be nice to see someone actually in the baseball business over there.

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