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NPB planning on playing an All-Star game in Fukushima or Iwate next year

by on Sep.05, 2011 @ 3:12 pm, under NPB

Two All-Star games are currently on the 2012 schedule -- one game at Matsuyama and the other at Jingu.  The NPB executive committee is now discussing the possibility of playing a third All-Star game for charity in either Fukushima or Iwate.

UPDATE 9/6 @ 1:39pm - It appears that instead of playing an All-Star game at Jingu Stadium, where a game could get rained out, the league will turn to playing a game at Kyocera Dome.  So the schedule would be: Game 1 @ Kyocera Dome, Game 2 @ Matsuyama, and Game 3 @ Tohoku Region.  Iwate appears to be the favorite.  A final decision will likely be reached during an owner's meeting on 10/7.

The league is also thinking about playing a special charity game next year in March that could involve a team of NPB players playing a team of KBO players.


2011 Season

Last year, the NPB decided to play three All-Star games this year in order to help secure player retirement funds and to increase revenue.  The three games were originally scheduled for Nagoya Dome, Tokyo Dome, and QVC Marine.  But after the March 11 earthquakes, the league began discussing the possibility of moving one of the games to Kleenex Stadium (they needed to work out scheduling issues with the Miyagi High School Baseball Federation) in the hopes of revitalizing and reinvigorating northern Japan.  In the end, the All-Star game at Tokyo Dome was canceled and the NPB played Game 1 at Nagoya Dome, Game 2 at QVC Marine, and Game 3 at Kleenex Stadium.