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Central League: complete regular season by 10/27

by on Sep.06, 2011 @ 4:00 pm, under NPB

The Central League held a board of directors meeting yesterday and confirmed that the regular season will be played out by 10/27.

The Hanshin Tigers have 10 games that need to be re-scheduled over a 15 day period that begins on 10/13.  While the updated schedule (to be released on the 9th) doesn't include any double-headers, it's still a possibility depending on how things work out over the remainder of the season (of the 41 games the Tigers play, 37 will take place in outdoor stadium and the Tigers have turned down ideas of playing home games at other stadiums, like Nagoya Dome).  At worst, it could mean the Tigers end up playing their first double-header since 10/10/1993 (or 10/15/1989 if it's played at Koshien Stadium).

Said Tigers' owner Shinya Sakai, "I can't even imagine [a double-header].  Realistically, I don't think it would be possible. ... I'd [also] like [the league] to try and do their best to avoid cutting the season short.  It's a fact that the schedule will be tight, so I'd like to try and avoid rain outs as much as possible.  We need to play [even if it rains a little]."

GM Shoji Numasawa has a slightly different take and said, "We spoke about needing to be prepared for double-headers.  The player's association started the season saying that would play double-headers as well. ... We're prepared to play up to 13 consecutive games.  Cutting the season short is the last possible option. ... [Using another home stadium] is in the corner of my mind.  But that reality is that that would create ticketing problems so right now I'm only thinking Koshien Stadium."

The JPBPA isn't expected to make a huge fuss over any scheduled double-headers since the season began with them saying that they'll do whatever is needed in order to play out a full season.