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Yahoo Sports – Blue Jays scout Japan’s Yu Darvish: Is he worth $100 million?

by on Sep.06, 2011 @ 2:55 pm, under MLB, NPB

Nikkan Sports makes mention of a Yahoo Sports article written by David Brown that discusses Yu Darvish's potential worth.  A snip:

I do believe in Yu Darvish, kind of, even though — like most others — I've only seen him pitch a little on video and at the World Baseball Classic. Call it a hunch. A $100 million hunch. But he'll be worth it.

Anthopoulos isn't the only GM hot after Darvish, of course, but only a handful of major league teams have the interest and means to pull off a deal. The New York Yankees are in on everybody, and even though they failed in the past by signing Japanese pitchers such as Igawa and Hideki Irabu, they will be looking for pitching again in free agency. They will have motivation and money.

...Evan Brunell of CBS Sports whittled those down to the Yankees, Texas Rangers and Blue Jays as being the top suitors. I'd also add the Washington Nationals, because they get impulsive.

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  1. fighting ham

    “If they do let him try free agency in the United States, he would be subject to a posting fee”

    If the writer didn’t care about how it works, why did he bother to write this article?

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