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CL News and Notes: Wei-Ying Chen (CHU) scratched from start last night due to minor injury

by on Sep.08, 2011 @ 4:47 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Wei-Ying Chen was scratched from his start last night because of a possible injury (pain in his flank).  While it doesn't appear to be a serious injury (he was seen playing catch and running before the game), he could still be taken off the active roster.

Hanshin Tigers

Takumi Akiyama faced 10 batters during situational BP yesterday at Naruohama and threw 37 pitches, allowed 2 could-be hits, and struck out 2.

Akiyama's next Ni-gun start could come on the 11th vs Hiroshima.  His last start came on 8/28 when he gave up 7 runs (5 earned) on 10 hits over 4 innings of work against the Ni-gun Chunichi Dragons (practice game).


Assuming no setbacks, Craig Brazell could return to the active roster in time for a 3-game series against the Chunichi Dragons that begins on the 13th.

Yomiuri Giants

Michihiro Ogasawara currently has his sights set on being ready to return to the active roster in time for the Climax Series.  But there are no guarantees as of yet.

Said Ogasawara, "It isn't as if the bones will magically fused together in 2 weeks.  We'll see where we are after 3 weeks.  [In the meantime] I want to make sure I'm ready for when it's better."

On Wednesday, Ogasawara worked out for about 3 hours with a brace on his left wrist.


Team chairman Tsuneo Watanabe's comments on the Rusty Ryal incident:

He really got up and left [the dugout]?  Without permission?  You can get away with stuff like that just because you're a foreigner.  Aside from [Alex] Ramirez, there aren't any good foreign [players].  [Ryal] should be punished as needed.  We have rules in Japan.  There's no need to look the other way just because [a player] is foreign."

11 comments on “CL News and Notes: Wei-Ying Chen (CHU) scratched from start last night due to minor injury

  1. Kyle

    Probably asked this before, but is it likely that Chen will get a major league deal in the MLB next year?

  2. Alex

    “Aside from [Alex] Ramirez, there aren’t any good foreign [players]”

    I guess Watanabe doesn’t watch baseball very much. What a stupid thing to say.

    1. Gen Post author

      I’m thinking he’s also referring to the Giants as well, since they really haven’t had much success finding a consistent foreign player, other than Ramirez.

    2. fighting ham

      The problem with the Giants is that they just can’t find good foreign players on their own. It’s the Swallows who found Ramirez in the first place.

      Forget consistency. Just one good year from a foreign player that they found on their own. Some say the last such foreign player is Bill Gullickson. Shane Mack was too expensive for what he did (lower numbers in Tokyo Dome than his MLB days). Lloyd Moseby actually had a good first year. But it wasn’t a full season, and his second season left a bad impression. Balvino Galvez’s best year is his first year. But he showed up in the Giants’ camp on his own and took a tryout, so that doesn’t qualify.

  3. Alex

    Didn’t Kroon have a solid, if not injury-plagued stint with the Giants? Despite his struggles, Gresligner put int a couple of good seasons for them as well.

    1. Gen Post author

      Kroon started his career with the Yokohama Bay Stars and was already established as a closer before joining the Giants.

  4. Alex

    Greisinger: Horrible in only 6 starts last year, but 17-9/3.06 ERA and 13-6/3.47 ERA in the two years before hand

    Dickie Gonzalez: Great in 2009, bad in 2010 – jury’s out on this one, although 2009 seems like a mirage.

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