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Sanspo’s comments from Masahiro Tanaka and Yuki Saito

by on Sep.12, 2011 @ 1:38 am, under NPB

Comments rounded up by Sanspo from Masahiro Tanaka and Yuki Saito.

First, Masahiro Tanaka (Sanspo):

You stopped the Eagles' 3-game losing streak...

We won 7 in a row and then got stuck in a 3-game losing streak.  It felt like things could get a lot worse for the team so I was took the mound wanting to win this game.

Pitching against Saito put the spotlight on this game...

As a baseball player, I'm extremely happy to be able to pitch in front of a full house like this.  And I thought winning a game like this could help turn things around for the team.

What did you think of Saito's game?

He pitched his first complete game, right?  He really hung in there.

Coming into this game, you were 0-2 against the Fighters...

I was able to pitch well and I managed to shut them down.  I'm frustrated with how the 9th inning turned out though.

After giving up the run, were you able to switch gears?

There was nothing to it.  I'm just sorry [I couldn't come through].  I really wanted to finish the game with a shutout.  I'll do my best the next time around.

What do you think about your last 5 years?

I'll leave that for everyone else to decide.

And Yuki Saito (Sanspo):

Your first game against Tanaka ended in a loss...

I think this is the difference between our last 4 years.  I also think I've also figured out how to fill in the 4-year gap.  This gap isn't something I can't overcome.

Your thoughts on Tanaka?

In watching our offense, it made me once again see how good a pitcher he is.

Your thoughts on the stadium?

It felt like I was pitching on the road.  But I enjoyed pitching in that kind environment and I also had fun.

You got the loss, but also picked up your first complete game...

The manager let me pitch and physically, I felt fine.  I was confident that my team would pull off a comeback until the very end.

You gave up 3 runs in the 6th...

I really regret that one pitch [I threw to Luis Garcia].  I think it would have been a different game if I managed to keep the score 0-1.

Did any of your friends contact you?

I got some call and e-mails from my Waseda High School classmates.  They wished me luck.

Thoughts on when you'll face Tanaka next?

I'll let things take their own course.  In order to keep the fans interested, I need to continue honing my skills.  Like improving my ability to get a strikeout.