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BC League: Fukui Shimbun files lawsuit against former Sports Community Fukui operators

by on Sep.21, 2011 @ 11:51 pm, under Independent

Fukui Shimbun filed a lawsuit against Sports Community Fukui, the former operators of the BC League's Fukui Miracle Elephants, because they failed to repay a loan worth about 24.6M yen.

According to the legal brief, Fukui Shimbun claims they loaned Sports Community Fukui 25M yen on 6/2009 to help them with their expenses.  On February 2010, Sports Community Fukui was dissolved and ownership of the team was transferred over to a newly created company called Fukui Citizen's Team (wholly-owned by Fukui Shimbun).

Sports Community Fukui did pay back a portion of the loan, but not in in full.  Fukui Shimbun is requesting that the co-signers on the loan, three former members of the front office of Sports Community Fukui (including the former president), pay the remaining amount.