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Sponichi sits down with Farsad Darvish (Yu Darvish’s father)

by on Nov.06, 2011 @ 11:29 am, under MLB, NPB

Sponichi has posted the following interview they conducted with Farsad Darvish (Yu Darvish's father).

Has your son spoken to you about his desire to play in the Majors?

We haven't really spoken in detail about it.  Nothing has been decided yet.  Besides, the Climax Series is still playing out.  Then there's the Nippon Series.  He doesn't want [stories] about whether he's going or staying to take the spotlight over [what's going on in Japanese baseball right now].  That's obviously why he doesn't want to speak [about it].

If he does decide to go to the Majors this year, it'll be through the posting system.

Iwakuma [attempted it] last year.  Based on the current rules, players can't select which team they want to go to and if negotiations don't go well, they have to return to Japan.  I was hoping to see a rule change where the top three teams would have the chance to negotiate, but that never happened.  Speaking as his father, that's really too bad.

Right, the rules of posting haven't changed for this year.

I realize the rule won't change this year.  But this isn't really just about Yu, it's also about wanting to see the rule change for future players that want to go to the Majors.  Having to return [to Japan] because negotiations don't work out, that a tough thing for a player to face.  That's kind of scary to think about.

The team that bids needs a lot of money, the player that goes can't decide where, and it's less money than if the move was through FA.  It seems there are some in the MLB that aren't happy with the current system either.

I think Yu does want to go, but there are risks.  Teams have bottom lines to think about, so if they bid high, the player's salary is going to be that much lower and that can lead to negotiations breaking off.  I think Yu is blessed, but this is a problem for some players.  [I'm sure this will lead some] top NPB players to head to the Majors only to see their salaries drop.  [New York Yankees' GM Brian] Cashman and I think alike.  There are a lot of good players leaving Japanese baseball and the needs of MLB teams are increasing, but if things are left the way they are, the overall level of baseball won't improve.  Another option might be to institute the same rules used in the transfer of players in soccer.

Nippon Ham has hired [Hideki] Kuriyama to manage the team next season.

Yu doesn't really like to be interviewed, but he has accepted exclusive interview with Kuriyama-san every year.  I think he likes him because his conversations have meaning.  I think Kuriyama will ask the owner to keep [Yu].