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Japan Student Baseball Association hands down sentences [11/8/2011]

by on Nov.08, 2011 @ 9:05 pm, under High School

The Japan Student Baseball Association met on the 8th to determine punishments for 6 cases.

Game Suspensions

Seirei Christopher (Shizuoka) - coercion of goods from players - 1 month beginning on 10/12

Sanyo (Hiroshima) - stealing, smoking, possession of cigarettes - 1 month beginning on 11/2


Kobayashi (Miyazaki) manager - 3 months beginning on 10/12 - breaking charter rules (held baseball tests as part of their school entrance exams)

Okaya Minami (Nagano) manager - 6 months beginning on 10/25 - trying to recruit a middle school student

Sendai Minami (Miyagi) manager - indefinite period of time beginning on 10/3 - theft

Kagoshima Josei (Kagoshima) director, manager, team members - 6 months beginning on 10/21 - concealing a scandalous event (theft involving two players)