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News and Notes on the sale of the Yokohama Bay Stars [11/7/2011]

by on Nov.08, 2011 @ 5:00 am, under NPB

Updates on the sale of the Yokohama Bay Stars:

  • The media learned on Tuesday (11/8) that DeNA offered former Shigeru Takada a job as GM of the team.  According to those close to the situation, the job is basically Takada's so long as DeNA receives final approval from the league.
  • Yomiuri Giants GM Tsuneo Watanabe told reporters on Monday he didn't think there were going to be any problems approving DeNA's purchase of the team.
  • DeNA chairman Makoto Haruta told reporters on Sunday that he wanted to improve the teams PR department.
  • Haruta on his ideal manager: "A forward-thinker that's growing just like DeNA is.  A manager that embodies the spirit of the company.  Someone bright and happy.  Someone that is good at speaking and understands [DeNA's position].  Someone young would be nice.  And definitely good at talking."
  • Masumi Kuwata currently appears to be the frontrunner for the managerial opening.  A DeNA official was quoted as saying "I wonder if [Kuwata] would take the job."  And people close to Kuwata are also saying he's itching to return to baseball and could accept the job if offered.

In other team-related news:

Haruta told reporters on Sunday that he wanted Shuichi Murata to remain with the team.  And he was quoted as saying the following:

"He's the face of Yokohama and we'd like to see him stay, if at all possible. ... Internally, when we started talking about Yokohama players, everyone knew him and [Daisuke] Miura. ... [Seiichi] Uchikawa left [last year] and if [Murata leaves] this year it'll be sad.