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CL News and Notes: November 18, 2011

by on Nov.19, 2011 @ 4:48 am, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

The Tigers practice game against the Orix Buffaloes on Friday was canceled due to rain.  The decision was made in the morning.


Tomoyuki Kubota spent about an hour throwing 168 pitches in the bullpen on Friday, a high for pitchers at fall camp this year.  Kubota was scheduled to pitch an inning during the practice game.


Yasutomo Kubo is apparently open to pitching in relief, if it means it helps the team win.  Note: of the 171 games he has appeared in, only 27 have been in relief.


According to Sanspo, the 2012 starting rotation currently includes Atsushi Nomi, Minoru Iwata, Randy Messenger, and Jason Standridge.


Yuya Ando is not only working on tweaking his general pitching mechanics, but is also working on a different way of throwing the slider and change.


Kohei Shibata will continue to use the same bat he started using toward the tail end of the season: a 33-inch, 930 gram Aoki model bat.

Said Shibata, "I am only using the Aoki model bat right now.  I put up better numbers and the manager and coaches all also telling me to go with what I have now."

Yomiuri Giants

Kentaro Nishimura is currently working on a slow curve that goes around 90kg.

Said Ichi-gun general pitching coach Kazuhisa Kawaguchi, "I want him to learn that pitch for next season.  I think he can become a pitcher that can win as much as [Tetsuya] Utsumi."


Yi-Hao Lin apparently threw 203 pitches in the bullpen on Thursday.

Yakult Swallows

When Yoshinori Sato dropped by the team clubhouse on Thursday, he told reporters he was interested in holding a baseball clinic sometime in early January.

Yoshinori is currently capable of throwing about 50-60 pitches in the bullpen.  His plan for the baseball clinic will only see the light of day if his rehab goes well and he can return to a "normal" practice schedule before the end of the year.


The Swallows are thinking about putting together some sort of one day Norichika Aoki exhibit during fan appreciation day on 11/4.

Hiroshima Carp

Eishin Soyogi, coming back from a left knee injury, started taking BP against machines during practice on Thursday -- he warmed up with curveballs before moving onto fastballs.  All told, he spent about 30 minutes in the cages.

"I just started hitting again so...  My lower body needs work.  I was just using the machines speed and using my lower body [to hit the ball].  I am doing this as if I am still in rehab," said Soyogi.

He then continued, "An early recovery would be great.  If the pain goes away, I can increase my workouts.  Will it hurt if I put weight on my knee?  I wanted to check on that."


The Hiroshima Carp are planning to stream local TV news reports on their team to fan club members beginning in February 2012.  60% of fan clubs members reside outside of Hiroshima, with many of them living in the Kanto region.

Yokohama Bay Stars

The media learned on Thursday that Takayuki Shinohara is planning on exercising his FA option while remaining with the Yokohama Bay Stars.

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