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Chunichi Dragons 2012 Coaching Staff announced

by on Nov.21, 2011 @ 8:32 pm, under NPB

The Chunichi Dragons announced the members of their coaching staff earlier today.

UPDATE 12/3 @ 2:57am - The Dragons posted uniforms number on Friday.

Ichi-gun Staff

Name (JPN) Name (ENG) Uni Position
高木 守道 Takagi, Morimichi 88 Manager
権藤  博 Gondo, Hiroshi 72 Pitching Coach
近藤 真市 Kondo, Shinichi 76 Pitching Coach
長谷部 裕 Hasebe, Yutaka 79 Catcher Coach
宇野   勝 Uno, Masaru 73 Batting Coach
井上 一樹 Inoue, Kazuki 99 Batting Coach
渡邉 博幸 Watanabe, Hiroyuki 77 INF / Base-running Coach
平野  謙 Hirano, Ken 75 OF / Base-running Coach
三木 安司 Miki, Yasushi 90 Training Coach
宮前 岳巳 Miyama, Takemi 93 Training Coach

Ni-gun Staff

Name (JPN) Name (ENG) Uni Position
鈴木 孝政 Suzuki, Takamasa 78 Manager
稲葉 光雄 Inaba, Mitsuo 89 Pitching Coach
今中 慎二 Imanaka, Shinji 71 Pitching Coach
中村 武志 Nakamura, Takeshi 80 Catcher Coach
川又 米利 Kawamata, Yonetoshi 74 Batting Coach
彦野 利勝 Hikono, Toshikatsu 81 Batting Coach
前原 博之 Maehara, Hiroyuki 85 INF / Base-running Coach
上田 佳範 Ueda, Yoshinori 87 OF / Base-running Coach
早川 和夫 Hayakawa, Kazuo 84 Ikusei Coach
塚本  洋 Tsukamoto, Hiroshi 91 Training Coach
住田 ワタリ Sumida, Watari 94 Training Coach

3 comments on “Chunichi Dragons 2012 Coaching Staff announced

  1. npbcardguy

    I thought part of the reason they brought Takagi in as manager was to buy time for Kazuyoshi Tatsunami to get ready to be a manager. I’m surprised then that he isn’t on the coaching staff.

    1. fighting ham

      It’s not uncommon that players with Tatsunami’s career numbers do not work under anybody. They go straight to managerial jobs.

  2. npbcardguy

    I understand – I’ve seen it any number of times – Atsuya Furuta comes to mind and the BayStars current courting of Kimiyasu Kudoh. But then why bother with bringing in Takagi? Why not just go ahead and hire Tatsunami now?

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