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Shuichi Murata Updates from 11/26/2011

by on Nov.26, 2011 @ 11:08 pm, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants' GM Atsushi Harasawa told reporters on Saturday that he felt Shuichi Murata was a good match for the team and that they would likely go after him the moment he becomes a free agent.

Sports Hochi is carrying the following comments from Murata regarding what kind of player he wants to become and where in the batting order he wants to hit:

"Rami-chan (Alex Ramirez) is the kind of batter I want to become.  He is good at narrowing down pitches and coming through in clutch situations.  I imagine he is the type of batter opposing pitchers do not [want to face]."

"I am not stuck on batting fourth.  If there is someone else that can bat fourth, that is fine.  As long as the team is always in the position to win."

"If I decide to stay in Yokohama, I will probably have to compete with [Yoshitomo] Tsutsugo for the fourth spot [in the line-up].  [But that is fine because] that kind of environment promotes motivation and will [ultimately] help improve the team."

Sponichi mentions that Murata cares more about winning than contract terms.  And when asked what he thought regarding the possibility of Kimiyasu Kudo becoming Yokohama's manager he replied, "We played on the same the team.  I would like to meet with him."  When reporters later told Kudo about what Murata said, he responded, "I have not even received an official offer so that puts me in a tough position."

Sponichi also suggests that the Yomiuri Giants might offer Murata a 2-year deal worth around 600M yen.

UPDATE 11/27 @ 4:35pm - Sanspo mentions that the Giants will likely offer a multi-year deal worth around 300M yen a year.