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Bobby Valentine visits Sendai, hosts fan event in Tokyo

by on Nov.29, 2011 @ 5:23 pm, under MLB, NPB

Bobby Valentine in Japan updates:

  • he visited a hospital he in Sendai on Monday.
  • the charity auction he took part in on Saturday raised 146,000 yen.  The money will be donated to Jidai-no Sozo Kobo.
  • at Majestic Presents Bobby's Voice Party, also on Monday:
    • when asked what he thought of Hisashi Iwakuma, Tsuyoshi Wada, and Yu Darvish, he said if he were manager, he would want all three.
    • regarding Darvish: "In terms of ability, he could be an ace on just about any MLB team.  The key for him will be whether or not he really wants to pitch in the Majors."
    • regarding Iwakuma: "As long as he is healthy, he has the ability."
    • regarding Wada: "Unlike Darvish, he might not be the kind of pitcher everyone makes a fuss over during a one-day tryout, but he knows how to get batters out."
    • and regarding Daisuke Matsuzaka: "There were times in recent years where it seems had had a hard time focusing. ... The most recent news I have is that his rehab is going well.  Since it is possible he felt pain in his arm for a number of years, he could end up being very good when he returns."


ボビー ダルに太鼓判!メジャーで「先発の核になれる」

ボビー仙台市内の病院慰問 慈善オークションも開催


バレンタイン氏が日本人投手絶賛 Rソックス監督なら日本人ローテ

UPDATE @ 11:11pm - Valentine hosted Majestic Dream Coach with Bobby Valentine at Yokohama Stadium earlier today.