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Kiyotake News and Notes: November 29, 2011

by on Nov.30, 2011 @ 1:47 am, under NPB

Some updates since Monday:

  • Asahi Shimbun published an interview with chairman Tsuneo Watanabe in their paper on Monday.  Amongst the things he said (via Sanspo and BLOGOS and 三度飯G!!!):
    • Suguru Egawa would have had a chance to advance his career, depending on how well he did.  He also did not want to mention the possibility that Egawa could become manager in the midst of signing Tatsnuri Hara to an extension.
    • Explained that when he said he did not receive any updates about the coaching staff on 11/4, he meant he did not know Hidetoshi Kiyotake was going to begin making coaching staff announcements.
    • Now that Kojiro Shiraishi is the owner, he planned on leaving everything up to him, because speaking only causes problems.
  • Nippon TV president Yoshio Okubo held his regularly scheduled press conference on Monday and told reporters that the way he understood it, Yomiuri Shimbun was in the right when they decided to dismiss Hidetoshi Kiyotake.  He was also sympathetic towards Suguru Egawa and said, "I am sure he can not be happy about how things have turned out."
  • Kiyotake's lawyer Hiroharu Yoshimine told reporters on Sunday that the Giants were only filing a lawsuit after hearing what they had to say and were essentially creating counterarguments as information came out.  He also said he did not think they had enough to file a lawsuit and make it stick.
  • Speaking on TV Asahi's Hodo Station Sunday, Kiyotake said that Watanabe once told him over the phone that he was the last dictator.  Kiyotake then added he felt Watanabe was malicious and playful, all confusingly mixed into one.