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Central League and Pacific League 2011 MVPs announced

by on Dec.01, 2011 @ 5:27 pm, under NPB

The NPB announced the winners of the Central League and Pacific League MVPs today:

Central League MVP: Takuya Asao (CHU)

Pacific League MVP: Seiichi Uchikawa (SOF)

Asao is the first reliever to win the award in the CL since Kazuhiro Sasaki in 1998.

Uchikawa is the fifth player to win the award in his first year with a new team (first since Yutaka Enatsu in 1981).


Voting Results

Central League

Player JPN Player ENG Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total
浅尾 拓也 Asao, Takuya CHU 170 55 4 1019
吉見 一起 Yoshimi, Kazuki CHU 70 156 7 825
内海 哲也 Utsumi, Tetsuya YOM 2 9 46 83
長野 久義 Chono, Hisayoshi YOM 4 9 33 80
谷繁 元信 Tanishige, Motonobu CHU 3 4 21 48
宮本 慎也 Miyamoto, Shinya YAK 0 5 29 44
岩瀬 仁紀 Iwase, Hitoki CHU 0 0 21 21
畠山 和洋 Hatakeyama, Kazuhiro YAK 0 3 7 16
M.ネルソン Nelson, Maximo CHU 0 0 8 8
青木 宣親 Aoki, Norichika YAK 0 1 3 6
館山 昌平 Tateyama, Shohei YAK 0 0 5 5
阿部 慎之助 Abe, Shinnosuke YOM 1 0 0 5
M.マートン Murton, Matt HAN 0 0 5 5
ブランコ Blanco, Tony CHU 0 0 3 3
鳥谷 敬 Toritani, Takashi HAN 0 1 0 3
W.バレンティン Balentien, Wladimir YAK 0 0 1 1
平野 恵一 Hirano, Keiichi HAN 0 0 1 1
B.バリントン Bullington, Bryan HIR 0 0 1 1
栗原 健太 Kurihara, Kenta HIR 0 0 1 1
(白票) Blank 0 7 54 75

Pacific League

Player JPN Player ENG Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total
内川 聖一 Uchikawa, Seiichi SOF 120 47 16 757
田中 将大 Tanaka, Masahiro RAK 43 47 58 414
中村 剛也 Nakamura, Takeya SEI 21 33 45 249
本多 雄一 Honda, Yuichi SOF 14 18 9 133
和田 毅 Wada, Tsuyoshi SOF 8 22 20 126
ダルビッシュ 有 Darvish, Yu HAM 3 18 31 100
D.J.ホールトン Houlton, D.J. SOF 3 18 18 87
松田 宣浩 Matsuda, Nobuhiro SOF 2 6 7 35
森福 允彦 Morifuku, Masahiko SOF 0 1 0 3
B.ファルケンボーグ Falkenborg, Brian SOF 0 1 0 3
小久保 裕紀 Kokubo, Hiroki SOF 0 0 1 1
後藤 光尊 Goto, Mitsutaka ORI 0 0 1 1
(白票) Blank 0 3 8 17

8 comments on “Central League and Pacific League 2011 MVPs announced

  1. EJH

    What about Itoi? He did not deserve to win the award, but he should have gotten a few 2nd and 3rd place votes. How can 8 Softbank players and some dude named “Blank” be more valuable than Itoi? Do the voters watch Pacific League games? Who does the voting anyway, Gen?

    1. Gen Post author

      I am fairly certain the voters are reporters with 5 or more years of experience covering pro yakyu.

      Incidentally, 252 votes were cast in the CL and 222 in the PL. Of that, 250 (CL) and 214 (PL) were considered valid.

  2. Steve

    I don’t think I have ever heard of a middle reliever earning MVP anywhere before. I mean, that’s a great season Asao had but he’s a MIDDLE RELIEVER who mops up the occasional save when Iwase is feeling gassed.

    I guess Uchikawa is an OK choice. Whoever voted for Morifuku or Goto needs to have their vote taken away, though.

    1. westbaystars

      Asao gave up just 4 earned runs over 87.1 innings pitched in 79 games for an incredible 0.41 ERA. Middle reliever, yes. But he was *not* used as a mop-up middle reliever. He was used as a “keep the low scoring Dragons in the game” middle reliever, and he did just that. He was *not* any ordinary middle reliever.

      I’d have gone with Okawari-kun over Uchikawa. The gap between what he did with the long ball compared to everyone else in the league (and the Chiba Lotte Marines as a whole) was MVP worthy.

    2. Steve

      Westbay-san, I know that Asao had a great year but I can’t see how any reliever is worthy of an MVP. 87.1 innings is just not much of a contribution to his team’s success, even if they were 87.1 amazing innings. Though I suppose he did appear in half the team’s games.

      Regarding the PL – I probably would have given it to Okawari-kun as well, but I don’t think Uchikawa is a bad choice. Okawari-kun did have the obscene HR totals, 4th in 2B, leading in walks (may be a influenced by having nobody hit behind him), only negatives are low BA (but high OBP)and bad defense. OK, he’s definitely the better choice.

  3. Blacklabel

    87.1 innings of holding one run leads because his offense cant score more than 2 runs, yeah thats an MVP to me. Any time he would have given up even 1 run would have made his team lose. If other guys had pitched I think they would have lost 10-15 of those games?

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