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Kimiyasu Kudo Updates: November 30, 2011

by on Dec.01, 2011 @ 1:29 am, under NPB

Comments Kimiyasu Kudo has been offering to the media over the last couple of days (Monday and Tuesday):

  • On Tuesday, Kudo said he would never tell a pitcher to change his mechanics (like going from throwing overhand to throwing from the side) because it was akin to asking a right-handed person to start using their left hand and because forcing such drastic changes could deliver a blow to a player's confidence.  And if the players fails, maybe they will be more inclined to step away instead of trying to drag things out.  Kudo also stressed the importance of playing hard, regardless of the score.
  • On Monday, Kudo said he thought coaches should be licensed.  "Coaches need to have the ability to teach people.  Players that never attended baseball clinics when they were active should not be allowed," said Kudo.  He then continued, "If they are not capable of teaching kids in an effective manner, then they will not be able to teach professional players.  The team can only become strong once you can put effort into teaching the things you learned."

UPDATE 9:37pm - Additional comments (Wednesday):