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Yokohama Bay Stars Sale: CL on the same page; PL still uncertain; voting on Thursday

by on Dec.01, 2011 @ 2:24 am, under NPB

The Central League and Pacific League held meetings on Wednesday to discuss their thoughts on DeNA's purchase of the Yokohama Bay Stars.  According to a number of reports (Sports Hochi, Daily Sports) the sale will most likely be approved:

  • the CL, as a group, has apparently decided to approve the sale
  • the Rakuten Eagles argued a number of points, but at least four teams could be (rumored to be) in favor of approving the sale and the Nippon Ham Fighters were apparently not present (which means Rakuten may have been the only team against the sale)

Yokohama status in the voting process is still unclear and will be decided during the executive committee meeting scheduled before the owners meeting (although some sources are saying that Yokohama will be allowed).  This could be an important key since it will be the difference between a three-quarters majority rule of 12 teams (four votes to reject the sale) or 11 teams (three votes to reject the sale).

Incidentally, when this all first began, 2-4 teams were rumored to be against approving the sale.  And assuming it is now down to just Rakuten, zakzak lists two incidents that may have killed their attempt to stop DeNA purchase of the Yokohama Bay Stars:

  1. They secretly approached each team individually.  Chunichi owner Bungo Shirai accidentally let that information slip in front of reporters because he thought they knew what was going on.
  2. GREE CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka used to work for Rakuten and there are suspicions that the Eagles got him to file their lawsuit right before the executive committee meeting on the 22nd.