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Softbank Hawks: Toshiya Sugiuchi, Kazuyuki Hoashi

by on Dec.02, 2011 @ 2:07 pm, under NPB

Softbank Hawks' acting owner Kazuhiko Kasai told reporters on Thursday that he has not given up on Toshiya Sugiuchi and plans on speaking to him at some point.

"I have not given up on [Toshiya] Sugiuchi.  I think it begins now.  I want him to continue his career in Fukuoka.  Nothing is set in stone.  A good heart-to-heart conversation is important," said Kasai.

Kasai "saved the day" last year when he had to step in after director Itaru Kobayashi dropped the ball with his negotiations with Sugiuchi.


Nikkan Sports is reporting that the Hawks may not approach Kazuyuki Hoashi until they sort things out with Sugiuchi, or at least that is what Kobayashi is quoted as saying.  Nikkan Sports figures Softbank could contact Hoashi some time early next week.