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Yokohama Bay Stars offer managerial job to Kimiyasu Kudo

by on Dec.02, 2011 @ 11:04 pm, under NPB

The Yokohama Bay Stars have offered the managerial job to 48-year-old Kimiyasu Kudo.

Kudo admitted to reporters today that an offer was made and that he will be make his decision after speaking to his family.

UPDATE 12/3 @ 12:42am - It does not appear as though Kudo is thinking about being a pitcher / manager.

UPDATE 12/3 @ 4:05am - Sanspo is carrying the following comments from Kudo:

Did you receive an offer for the managerial position?

I can not say.  I can say that a number of people having been contacting me.

Nothing has come directly from team owner [Makoto] Haruta?


But the team plans on making an announcement early next week.

I am sure more we will know more tomorrow or the day after.

Team owner [Makoto] Haruta has confirmed the offer.

There must be a number of candidates.

We think they have it narrowed down.

So does that mean I am the only one that got contacted?

Do your feel honored?

Well, yes, of course.

Will you continue to pitch?

Am I not allowed to continue pitching?

[Does that mean] you can not provide an answer right away?

No, I can not.

Will you be having a family meeting soon?

I can not really say.  It depends on everyone's schedule.

About the offer...

I am grateful.  But I need some time to think.