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Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars News and Notes: December 2, 2011

by on Dec.02, 2011 @ 3:40 pm, under NPB

News and notes from December 2, 2011 (this post will be updated throughout the day, as needed):

Sports Hochi is carrying the following comments from DeNA chairman Makoto Haruta (taking during DeNA's press conference on Thursday):

What are you thoughts now that the sale has been approved?

Honestly, it felt like a long time.  In addition to feeling relief, I also feel the burden and responsibility of owning a team.  We want to run this team in a way that will make fans say how good it was that DeNA made the purchase.

What about the deal with Yokohama Stadium?

In terms of the team, I think it makes sense to keep things going over the long-term so this is a very important discussion we feel the city should also be a part of.  It is not so much about splitting what is currently available, but about making what we have even bigger.  Our job is to make it bigger.

What about repairs to Yokohama Stadium?

I would like to create something that will make fans excited as they approach the stadium from Kannai Station.

What about the current team?

Unfortunately, they were a last place team.  And they lost quite a bit, so I do not think what they have now is good enough.  To that end, there are improvements we would like to make.

What are you plans for the team?

We will begin moving tonight (12/1) and we hope we can start making announcements early next week.  We are also scheduled to meet with [Shuichi] Murata tomorrow (12/2).

What about the [new] uniforms?

We are still thinking about that.  We would like to present at some point before the start of spring camp next year.

UPDATE @ 5:52pm - Additional updates: