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Shuichi Murata Updates: December 3, 2011

by on Dec.03, 2011 @ 7:09 am, under NPB

Shuichi Murata's meeting with DeNA lasted about an hour.  And according to Sanspo, DeNA's offer to Murata did not change from what was offered during an earlier meeting with previous owners TBS Holdings: a multi-year deal worth 200M yen (down 20M yen) a year.  Sponichi pegs it at 250M yen a year.

It also seems that DeNA's five-year plan to win a championship does not agree with Murata's idea of playing for a team that can win.

"I want to [play for a team that can] compete next year or the year after that," said Murata.  "In thinking about my career as a baseball player, I want to experience what it is like to play for a strong team."

Murata also said, "In three to five years, I will be a veteran.  I still might be playing, but I am not thinking about playing for a team that can compete once I am no longer in the starting line-up."

FWIW: Giants' GM Atsushi Harasawa's phone call to Murata reportedly took place before Murata's meeting with DeNA.  Tatsunori Hara is also prepared to take part in today's meeting with Murata, if necessary.  The Giants could offer Murata a 2-year deal worth a total of around 600M yen plus the uniform number 5 (Alex Ramirez's old number).

UPDATE @ 1:17pm - Nikkan Sports is reporting the Bay Stars offered Murata a three-year deal at 220M yen.  DeNA chairman Makoto Haruta also told reporters he wished he was able to reach out to him earlier, which could be an indication that he feels it might be too late to persuade Murata from leaving.

UPDATE @ 8:13pm - MSN Sankei News is reporting that Murata's meeting with the Giants today lasted about 45 minutes.  He was also offered the numbers 25 and 5.

Said Murata, "It makes me happy that the historic Giants, with a team that can win a championship, needs me. ... They said they wanted me to play 144 games at third base. ... It is the same hot corner that Hara-san and Nagashim-san played.  I am grateful."

Murata also said that he wanted to make a decision by mid-December.

UPDATE @ 8:56pm - Hara was not at the meeting, but he did have Harasawa tell Murata that he wanted to see him join the team.