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Hidetoshi Kiyotake makes another TV appearance

by on Dec.04, 2011 @ 1:07 am, under NPB

Hidetoshi Kiyotake made an appearance on Nippon TV's Tase Yasuhiro-no Shukan News Shinsho on Saturday and said that he was spending his time gathering materials and preparing for his trial against Yomiuri chairman Tsuneo Watanabe.  He also said that he did not plan on losing.

When asked about Watanabe's personality, Kiyotake replied, "He is both playful and malicious.  He was once a man of ideas."

(Nikkan Sports has this slightly longer quote: "He is kind of playful and malicious.  He is good at insulting people, has a sharp tongue, and is relentless.  He was once a man of ideas.")

Regarding when his trial date, he answered, "Not too far off down the road.  [But] there is no reason to rush.  I will pick a time that does not interfere with baseball."

And when asked about the new evidence he planned to present during the trial, Kiyotake said, "My lawyer advised me not to say whether or not I have any [new evidence]."