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Shuichi Murata Updates: December 4, 2011

by on Dec.04, 2011 @ 5:56 am, under NPB

Sanspo is reporting that the Yomiuri Giants may have offered Shuichi Murata a two-year deal worth a total 500M yen (220M yen per year and a 60M yen signing bonus).

Sanspo is also carrying the following comments taken during Murata's press conference on Saturday:

What are your thoughts now that your meeting with the Giants is over?

I exercised my FA option and even have the Giants interested.  I am really grateful.  I was nervous.

It was the first time you had a chance to hear their thoughts...

It was a first for me.  And without wearing a uniform I was feeling nervous today.  It sort of felt like the FA period has finally started for me.

Anything from the discussions that really stuck in your mind?

They are in the process of preparing to win a championship next year and as part of that, they want me to play 144 games at third base.  And they said they would be extremely happy if I could compete in that environment and that having me would make them feel stronger.

Did you ask them any questions?

I asked them things like what they thought I brought to the table.   They said they noticed me going all out this year.  And they said they wanted me to show that to the Giants and to the fans at Tokyo Dome.

Did they mention uniform numbers?  Was there a concrete offer?

They said I could pick either 25 or 5.  I have a connection to the number 25 and there are a number of really good Giant hitters that wore the number 5.  They offered me those kinds of numbers.

Your impression of the Giants.

They have tradition and they were in the middle of it by finishing in third.  It makes me happy to know that a team like that wants me.

What are your honest thoughts right now?

I spoke to [DeNA] chairman Makoto Haruta yesterday and had a very good talk with him.  I spoke to GM [Atsushi] Harasawa today and they said they were waiting for me to join them.  I am really thankful that two teams are pushing this hard for me.  I am sure new kinds of emotions will pop up over the next few days.  I will think things though little by little.

Is there any time you're aiming for?

I do not think it will take until next year.  I would like to try to make a decision some time this month.

Nikkan Sports 5:22pm - Nikkan Sports is reporting that the Giants may have offered Murata a deal that was lower than he got from the Bay Stars: Yomiuri two years at 200M yen a year vs Yokohama three years at 220M yen a year.