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Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars News and Notes: December 4, 2011

by on Dec.04, 2011 @ 5:13 pm, under NPB

News and notes from 12/4/2011:

  • The Bay Stars have offered Daisuke Yamashita (59) a job as head coach.
  • Yokohama will offer Takashi Yoshida (65) a job as chief of team development -- he will work together with the GM (likely Shigeru Takada).
  • Kimiyasu Kudo apparently gave the Bay Stars the following three suggestions to seriously consider in return for taking the managerial job:
    • "I want to retire on my own terms.  I will not inconvenience anyone." -- Kudo is not necessarily looking to return for a return to the active roster, but he wants to retire when he feels it is the right time.
    • "A fair amount of practicing is important in order to improve the team.  That can also lead to injuries, which can lead to a drop in performance." -- add enough trainers to make sure everyone is getting the appropriate care.
    • "I have not got involved in [most of] the staff personnel decisions, all I want are people that can communicate well with players.  I did give my opinion regarding pitching coaches."

UPDATE @ 9:56pm - Kudo told reporters today that he did not think it was going to take him that much time to decide whether or not he wanted to manage the Bay Stars.  He also said that the Bay Stars turning down one of his suggestions/conditions did not necessarily mean he was going to turn down their offer.  Kudo also participated in a youth baseball clinic today.