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Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars News and Notes: December 6, 2011

by on Dec.06, 2011 @ 5:47 pm, under NPB

Yokohama Bay Stars' update from 12/6/2011:

UPDATE @ 10:07pm - TBS Holdings president Toshichika Ishihara held his regularly scheduled press conference and told reporters that he was relieved the sale of the Bay Stars was approved at the owner meetings on 12/1.  He also said he believed DeNA would do their best to make the team stronger.  TBS Holdings still maintains 2.31% of the stock they owned.

Sanspo is carrying the following comments from Takada's press conference yesterday:

You are now the GM...

The owner asked me to do two things: build a strong team and turn this into a GM-centric team.

The team's structure?

My job is to put together a strong team so that the new manager can work towards winning a championship.  To be honest, we got a really late start.

What kind of improvements are you thinking about?

The owner and president told me to go out and do the best we can to improve the team.  We are looking at a foreign starting pitcher, as well as a fielder.

How are negotiations going with the new manager?

The manager and the GM could not build up enough confidence/trust [in each other].  I spoke to our candidate directly and told him we were calling off talks.  I would like to hurry up and choose a finalist out the remaining candidates we have.  We can not really move forward until we have a manager.

What about other personnel?

One of the first things the owner asked was that I try to find candidates that were former players, managers, and coaches.  I would like to try and find someone that fits that description as well.

Sponichi is carry a slightly different set of comments:

On how you came to be GM...

I think it was back in November when the owner and president approached me and said they wanted to talk a little baseball with me.  Then they said they wanted me to be GM because they needed someone that knew baseball and could make decisions to improve the team.

What about the manager?

We spoke to the candidate and what I can say is that the manager and GM could not build up the necessary trust/confidence.  I already spoke to the candidate to inform him that we are breaking off from talks.

You decided, when did you talk to him?

Just recently.  It just felt off and I thought if we started things when we still did not have trust in each other, that would be bad for the both of us.  Well, we spoke this morning and I told him it was not going to work out.

On terminating negotiations.

This is not something we were expecting.  Of course, part of this is my fault.  I feel bad for what happened.  If I was not GM, things may have worked out better for him.

Sanspo is carrying the following comments from Kudo that were taken yesterday:

Talks have broken off...

We spoke today and I heard about that.

What was the reason?

In the end, there was not enough time.  I also think timing may have been the issue.  When negotiating, time is needed.  And we just could not make enough time.

What about your relationship with GM Takada?

I agree [when he said] that we both need to be on the same page.  But there was not enough time.  We did not have enough time to talk.

What do you mean, you did not have enough time?

It is what it is.  I will not be the manager, but there are other candidates.  I do not mind because all I want is for them to make the Bay Stars stronger.

Do you feel it was too bad that you did not get the job?

These are about chance encounters.  I will do my best to grow in case there is another chance.

What are you plans now?

If possible, I would like to work towards continuing my career as a pitcher.

And again, Sponichi is carrying a slightly different set of comments:

Were the suggestions/conditions the reason why talks broke down?

There was no one thing.  What is done is done.  In the end, I think there not enough time.

Was time really the only problem?

Instead of saying anything about that, there are things that I want to do.  I also want to see my kids grow.  When Yokohama first approached me about this, I kept a positive attitude.  I was able to learn a lot.  Now I want to take what I learned and turn it into something I can teach my kids.

Do you feel it was too bad that you did not get the job?

I will do my best to grow as a person in case I have another chance.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the Bay Stars?

I was not selected as the manager, but there are other candidates.  I do not mind as long as the Bay Stars get stronger.  I would like to see the Bay Stars work hard and as someone that lives in Yokohama, I will cheer them on.

5 comments on “Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars News and Notes: December 6, 2011

  1. steve

    From reading the above, sounds like there is still a lot of confusion in the Baystars front office…..looks like another losing season is in the forecast……..

  2. westbaystars

    Call me an optimist, but I thought that the above showed that DeNA and Takeda are actually trying to get things right. They identified a problem with Kudoh and moved on.

    There have been so many factors that have held everything up. They’ve only had a few days so far to officially start putting everything into place. For the first time in decades it looks like the Yokohama front office isn’t in a dazed and confused state. It looks like they’re working with a purpose.

  3. Gen Post author

    I don’t really see this as confusion in the front office either. I mean, they were trying to do things behind the scenes without being too obvious and that probably kept them from getting an good idea of what Kudo was about.

    I also like how Takada is taking the reigns and full responsibility — there is no grey area, he is the decision-maker. It also means if the Bay Stars fail, he will most likely be first in line to be fired.

  4. Blacklabel

    I wouldnt say it is confusion, more like delusion. The delusion part is (a) thinking they are going to get Sugiuchi and (b) thinking that an ex Yakult manager whose team went from last to first AFTER he got fired knows what makes a good manager any more than Kudoh does? I dont see that they are confused, I just see that they just dont know what it takes to get fans to come to the game and to get a team that is capable of getting out of last place.

    So they probably get Alex Ramirez. A good player who can probably almost replace Sledge’s production and a fan friedly guy, no problem, everybody loves Rami-chan. But they already have a fan friendly outfielder (Morimoto) who bats under .180 , so at least one of those guys is going to actually have to get a hit sometime.

    But then the only thing left is a backup catcher (Tsuruoka, if he doesnt go to Orix) and a backup outfielder (Koike) both who have already spent a lot of time on the Baystars bench before. How is that going to get this team moving in the right direction?

    The new owners said they need fresh young blood as a manager and they only have one chance to make a splash going into the new season, but now they are down to an old Giants player or retreads who have already managed Yokohama before?

    1. Gen Post author

      I can certainly understand the delusional part, but I think I’ll wait a little longer before passing judgement.

      Personally, I think it would have been nice to see Kudo get the managing gig, but I can also see how that may have gotten in the way of Takada’s GM-centric concept. Although it does bug me that Takada may have started talking to Nakahata even while things were still running its course with Kudo.

      As for free agents, I really don’t think you can expect a bunch of good players to want to come to a team that 1) has been in last place four straight seasons and 2) is under new management and is in the process of ironing out the kinks.

      The fact that they went out and got Ramirez (albeit on the wrong side of a very good career) should show that they are now willing to spend more than TBS and are, maybe, heading in the right direction.

      I do, however, find it interesting that they have not, from what I have read, reached out to Sugiuchi yet. I’m guessing the price tag scared them away. If the Giants and Hawks are thinking 4 years at a total 2B yen, then it’s probably going to take more than that to get him to sign with a team that has finished in last place 8 out of the past 10 seasons.

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