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CL News and Notes: December 6, 2011

by on Dec.07, 2011 @ 2:29 am, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

The media learned on Monday that Yutaka Wada will give Daiki Enokida a shot at becoming a starter during spring camp.

Enokida worked out at Naruohama on Monday.  His plans for the winter: continue training at Naruohama until the 26th or 27th, return home, and then restart his training at Naruohama on 1/3.


Wada appeared on NHK's News Terrace Kansai on Monday and said that Takashi Toritani would hold the key to the offense next year.  He then added that Toritani could bat third, but was also capable of batting first and fourth.

Wada also said that Kenji Jojima, Akihito Fujii, and Shinji Komiyama will likely be his top three catchers next year.


Takahiro Arai plans out playing out every inning of every game at third base next year.  He also added that if he got benched, it was because he was not doing his job.


Shunsuke was a guest on ABC Radio's Sports-ni Pitatto on Monday and said that he wanted to workout with Jojima in January because he found it difficult to keep himself motivated when he did things alone.


The team plans on checking in on Jojima periodically through out the winter.


The Tigers will be playing an exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants, at Cellular Stadium Naha, on 2/19/2012 after Yutaka Wada pushed hard for it.


Arai, Wei-Chu Lin, Taichi Okazaki, and Yamato visited the Nishinomiya School for Children with Disabilities and spent about and hour hanging out with around 200 students and staff.

Yomiuri Giants

Yoshiyuki Kamei told reporters today that he was not sure where he wanted to play next season, the infield or the outfield, especially since there is a good chance Shuichi Murata will join the team.


Giants OB Kunio Jonouchi does not think Hirokazu Sawamura needs to worry about weight training so much.  However, he does think he should do a lot of running.  He also suggested that Sawamura get tips on how to run from track and field coaches, get some rest at a hot spring, and should not consider changing his uniform number.

Yakult Swallows

Masanori Ishikawa told reporters on Monday that he gained 8kg and currently weighs 77kg.  He also managed to drop his fat content down to 16% (from 20% last year).


Kazuhiro Hatakeyama told reporters he needs to work on strengthening his lower body because his batting mechanics place a lot of strain on his legs and glutes.

Yokohama Bay Stars

Sho Aranami met with the front office for about 40 minutes on Tuesday and decided to hold off on his decision because he was not satisfied with the things they told him.  He also said that all he did was listen because he was not really sure what to do (since it was his first time).  Aranami plans to do a little more talking the next time around.