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Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars News and Notes: December 7, 2011

by on Dec.07, 2011 @ 3:43 pm, under NPB

Updates on the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars, from 12/7/2011:

  • DeNA chairman Makoto Haruta told reporters on Tuesday he thought negotiations with Yokohama Stadium would go alright.  The two sides officially met today at the Yokohama City offices.
  • Team officials also visited the Kanagawa prefectural offices today.
  • Sanspo is reporting that an offer was submitted to Kiyoshi Nakahata a few days ago (while the team was still speaking to Kimiyasu Kudo) and that it will likely be accepted.  An official announcement could be made fairly soon.
  • Sponichi notes that Kimiyasu Kudo may have been preparing to announce his retirement at the same time the Bay Stars were planning to hold his press conference on 12/7.  He will now probably sit down with his family again and try to come up with a final decision regarding his career before the end of the month.

Sanspo is carry the following comments from Kiyoshi Nakahata (taken on 12/6):

What do you think about the reports that claim you are a candidate?

As I have said in the past, I enjoy being involved in rumors.  For baseball players, it is all about being mentioned in rumors.  Being interviewed like this makes me happy.

You have known GM [Shigeru] Takada for quite some time.

We go a long ways back, he is like a mentor, since Ni-gun [with Yomiuri].  He picked me up once by car and drove me to Tamagawa.  He is also a former third baseman.  I have crossed paths with Takada-san time and again over my baseball career.

What are you views on baseball?

We have not really spoken a lot about our views on baseball.  Mostly things on life.  In that regard, he is not such a bad person.

Have you received an offer from DeNA?

None yet.  Just having my name mentioned makes me happy though.  If I do get an offer, I will take it in stride.  That is how I have lived my life until now.

Has Takada-san contacted you about the media?

He called to apologize for the inconvenience.

And he has not asked you about managing?

We used to go out to eat fairly often and I remember how I used to talk about wanting to manage.  There is nothing more to say about it now.  We have spoken about it.  And when something like this happens, it sort of makes it difficult for me to talk to him until things settle down.

Your thoughts on managing.

Managing is a goal that I have worked hard toward.  I would like a shot at it.  If I get an offer, I will consider it.

Sanspo is also carrying comments from Yokohama Stadium chairman Yukio Fujiki.

The Bay Stars are now owned by DeNA...

With regards to DeNA, I have no interest in them and I have no concern for them.

You were once a director for the Bay Stars...

Allowing TBS to become the owner was a mistake.  They have only gotten weaker since their championship in 1998.  I do not know if it was because their headquarters was based out of Tokyo, but I never got the feeling they were trying to improve the team.

You take a lot of pride in Yokohama City...

Beginning with China, when you go overseas, the Yokohama brand is really big.  On the other hand, hearing news about Yokohama losing on TV and radio everyday beginning in the morning is really unpleasant.

There are some that say rental fees for Yokohama Stadium are too high...

I will not say there are no problems with the stadium, but there was a bigger issue of TBS not trying to do things to increase attendance.

What do you think of the Bay Stars' future?

I think they should leave Yokohama once and become homeless.  If they are planning to reform, I think starting fresh elsewhere may make things easier.

But what about revenue generated by the stadium?

Even if the team leaves Yokohama, the stadium will be fine, it is owned by the City.  We can just return it to the people.

UPDATE @ 11:07pm - According to Sport Hochi, Yutaka Takagi could be added to the staff.  Other names like Shigekazu Mori (former Chunichi head coach) and Hiroki Nomura (former Yokohama pitching coach) are also mentioned.  Itaru Ninomiya and Kaoru Hirata are strong candidates to join the staff as well.

In a separate report, Sports Hochi mentions that Takada met with Nakahata for about 2 hours at a hotel in Yokohama on Tuesday night.  Tuesday Timeline: Nakahata spoke to reporters outside his home around 10:30am; Nakahata and Takada met at a Yokohama hotel at around noon; Nakahata spoke to reporters a second time outside his home around 4:00pm.