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New York Yankees win rights to Hiroyuki Nakajima

by on Dec.08, 2011 @ 2:55 am, under MLB

Ken Rosenthal tweets that the New York Yankees have won the rights to Hiroyuki Nakajima:

Source: #Yankees win rights to Nakajima. Now must negotiate contract. #MLB

Thanks to Carter for the heads up.

UPDATE @ 1:40pm - As mentioned below by Jonathan, the deal is now officialAccording to Nikkan Sports, the Seibu Lions have announced that the winning bid was US$2.5M (~187.5M yen).

UPDATE @ 3:12pm - The Yankees have until 1/6/2011 to work out a deal with Nakajima.

Nakajima's comment on the Yankees: "They are a team with tradition/history and I am grateful for their bid.  Even though I will leave everything up to my agent, I am looking forward to hearing what they think of me."

Brian Cashman sees Nakajima as a back-up infielder (SS, 2B, and 3B).  Joe Girardi told reporters that Nakajima will be "asked to do a number of things" and that there was enough room on the roster for two utilities infielders (Eduardo Nunez and Nakajima).

6 comments on “New York Yankees win rights to Hiroyuki Nakajima

  1. Chris

    As a Yankees fan, I’m astonished. They already have their legendary SS Derek Jeter and Eduardo Nunez as a young utility man being groomed to take over for Jeter. I can only imagine that they are working out a big-time trade for an Ace, which could mean no bid for Darvish whenever he decides he’s ready to post. Darvish keeps waiting like this and teams are going to find alternatives to lock up for starting pitching.

    On a different note, it was my understanding that Nakaji wanted to be a starter and play on the west coast. There is NO WAY the yankees will bench Jeter for Nakajima. So who knows if he’ll even want to sign with NY.

  2. IM

    Considering the age of Jeter, and the ARod’s recent history, they must be expecting those guys to spend some time on the DL this year.
    I’m hoping that he doesn’t sign (hate to have to root against him), but it seems likely that he will.

  3. Scott Kaneko

    Ugh … that is the worst place for him. To even try to share playing time with Jeter is a nightmare. Jeter is “god” in NY and Nakajima should avoid that shortstop position at all costs. Maybe … think about it 20 years after Jeter has retired. Nakajima should make a quick phone call to Kaz Matsui and discuss the “fun” of playing in New York.

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