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PL News and Notes: December 7, 2011

by on Dec.08, 2011 @ 1:11 am, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

Koji Akiyama met with owner Masayoshi Son on Wednesday to give him a report on the team's season.  Akiyama credited the team's success to the players it added and to the iPhone/iPad.  Son jokingly told reporters that the beer fights during the celebrations were good for hair growth.


Chief rehab coach Kazumi Saito taught an extracurricular class at an elementary school on Tuesday and told students he could/would not consider retirement so long as Kimiyasu Kudo kept playing.


84 players (including Tsuyoshi Wada and Toshiya Sugiuchi) and staff participated in the player's Nokai (final meeting of the year) golf competition at Aso Ozu Golf Club on Wednesday.


An additional 1,500 or so seats will be added to Yahoo Dome during the winter: from 37,025 to about 38,500.

Seibu Lions

Ginjiro will be getting a new uniform number (from 2 to 27) and will be changing his registered name (from Ginjiro to Sumitani).

Chiba Lotte Marines

Shunsuke Watanbe will be donating 1.32M yen to the World Food Programme this year (10,000 yen for every inning he pitched).  That brings his three-year total to 4,473,000 yen.

Nippon Ham Fighters

Nikkan Sports mentions that Hideki Kuriyama was a special guest at all five commercial TV stations in Hokkaido, plus NHK and HBC radio on Wednesday.


Kuriyama is thinking about requiring all of his Ichi-gun coaches to spend some time at Ni-gun spring camp next year (simply listening to reports is not enough).  He also plans on keeping tabs with every player during the winter.


Masayoshi Kato's goal for 2012 is to become an everyday player and play in over 100 Ichi-gun games -- Kato plans to break in by being a utility player and proving that he is capable of playing on a daily basis.


The Fighters announced the following uniform number changes on Wednesday: Brian Wolfe from 10 to 17; Ken Miyamoto from 17 to 69; and Hirotoshi Masui from 43 to 19.

Orix Buffaloes

Shuichi Furukawa will apparently get a shot at starting next season.  When asked about his thoughts on starting, Furukawa replied, "It is something I had thought about wanting to do at some point. ... It will mean more options, like being able to throw my curve."

Rakuten Eagles

Masahiro Tanaka commented to reporters on Wednesday about his shouting after recording a big out:

If I think about not shouting when I am in the middle of a jam, I am going to get hit.  Next season, I think I will probably shout if [I get a big out].

And Senichi Hoshino's comment on the matter:

There are stupid baseball analysts and older people [out there].  It would be one thing if he were doing it on purpose, but to ask someone to stop something that just comes out.  Ridiculous.